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Winter Family Bucket List + Printable

Giant Printable Winter Bucket List for Families

I’ve talked before about my love for bucket lists – specifically giant ones! My kids love having a huge poster to cross items off and it helps me remember the fun seasonal things I want us to do as a family. Both our summer and fall giant bucket lists were a blast, so I couldn’t resist creating a winter bucket list too.

Lots of the things on the list are Christmasy, but if you start in December there should still be plenty of other items to carry on the fun till January. Everything from Christmas music dance parties to baking cookies and random acts of kindness. I’ve got detailed instructions below on how you can print a huge one like we’ve been doing, or you can easily print on a normal sheet of paper.

Be sure to stop over and check out our Holiday Guide for this year – it’s full of tons of local information to help you check off a bunch of items on this bucket list around the valley!

Download our Winter Bucket List here:

24×36   36×48

How to print a giant bucket list

Possibly the coolest part about these bucket lists is that they are HUGE! And the icing on the cake is that they are pretty inexpensive to pint (under $8 for the largest size). The secret is to use an engineering print/blueprint service. Here’s how to make one:

Where to order

I personally like to use Staples to have mine printed, this allows me to order it online and pick it up in store. You could also use places like OfficeMaxFedEx Kinkos, or probably a few local print shops too. Prices will range based on which company you use.

How to order

First you’ll need to select the size you’d like printed.  We used the 36 x 48 size for our huge summer bucket list, and the 24 x 36 is a little smaller. Keep in mind that these are BIG – 36 inches is 3 feet, so that’s taller than my 2 year old! Then select Black & White, as most places will not print full color blue prints in store.

Next you’ll need to add your file. I’ve had great results using a pdf file on the Staples website. You can use the link above to download the pdf I made and then upload it right to their website.

Now you can select your orientation, landscape or portrait (if you’re printing my file select portrait). You’ll also need to name your project – I keep it simple with just “Winter Bucket List”. Before you add to cart you can change the quantity or size of the print. Once you have all the details completed, just add to cart, purchase and select “pick up in store”. When it’s ready you just pick it up and you’re ready to start checking off those fall bucket list items!

If you print one of our lists we’d love to see it in action! Freshly printed, as your checking off activities or even when it’s all complete. Tag us on Instagram (@eastvalleymomsblog) so we can check it out!


Giant Printable Winter Bucket List for Families

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