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Why we will ALWAYS do matching costumes

Halloween… it’s not one of my favorite holidays, but I do enjoy deciding what our coordinating family Halloween costumes will be each year. 

It used to be just my husband and I, then we got our 2 dogs in on the action, and now that we have my daughter, and it has become quite the family affair. We will continue to wear coordinating costumes until my daughter absolutely refuses (I’m hoping to make it until at least 15- fingers crossed). 

Why we will ALWAYS do matching costumes | East Valley Moms BlogIn the future, we will make the decision together as a family. Maybe we will even take turns deciding year-to-year. My point though is that I will ALWAYS dress up with my kids. Some people think that’s weird or embarrassing. Others may say I’m too “old” to be dressing up. 

But we have a motto in my house: “You have to grow old, but you never have to grow up”

Some people think that it is weird that we wear matching shirts to Disneyland, or the pumpkin patch, or just for fun. I get a crazy look EVERY year that I buy my family matching Disney Christmas pajamas. However, I LOVE being cheesy and matching my family. Why we will ALWAYS do matching costumes | East Valley Moms Blog

My favorite Halloweens as a child were the ones where my parents dressed up too. One year my mom even dressed up as a black cat WITH me, and that was probably my favorite Halloween as a child. I remember being SO happy that my mom was one of the only ones dressed up on Halloween. I remember thinking it was just so cool.

I will continue to do things I like, whether they are childish or not. I will always be a kid at heart. I’d like to think that someday my kids will appreciate that. I hope that someday they look back and realize that mom didn’t care what anyone else thought, that she just wanted to have fun as a family. 

Because that’s what every holiday is for, family fun. I’ll continue to dress up in silly costumes for my kids. You should try it to!

Why we will ALWAYS do matching costumes | East Valley Moms Blog

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