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Trick or treat? Surviving Halloween Night

Trick or treating on Halloween is a revered tradition full of spooky costumes, crisp fall air and chocolate galore. However, if you have lived in the Greater Phoenix Metro area for any length of time you may have noticed that the air rarely is referred to as crisp. I’m not sure I even truly know the season they call “fall”. 
Growing up in Phoenix, I didn’t realize that we have an unique Halloween experience until recently. 

Dress cool

While it does start to cool in October, it’s not exactly chilly, especially while the sun is up. Until then, make sure your child is cool enough to walk around in 70-80ish degree weather. Avoid full body costumes (like a dinosaur or crocodile) for your littles.  I like dressing my kids in t-shirts that match their “character” for any activities we may have during the day. That way they still can be festive without sweating underneath a thick costume. Also, I suggest saving your money and not buying a mask, your child won’t wear it if they’re out in the sun and it prevents them from seeing cars as they’re walking. 

Treats that stay “sweet”

It’s best to avoid chocolate early in the evening when the youngest kids go out. The sun will still be out at 5pm when most littles are out an about. There is a bit of disappointment when mom finds melted chocolate in the kids’ bag to “inspect”. I tend to save the chocolate for later in the night (or myself) and pass out things like skittles, starbursts, or smarties in the early evening. 

Game Plan

Prepare where you are going to go to celebrate with your little ones prior to Halloween. If you just moved here, research to find if there is a lot of trick or treating in your neighborhood. Phoenix is a little different than most cities. You might find that your neighborhood doesn’t have a ton of trick or treaters. Never fear, the next neighborhood over  probably has a ton! Also, there are a lot of churches and communities that put together “trunk or treats” for kids to trick or treat without fear of cars or scary decorations. 

Special consideration

I am a mom to a child with special needs and I take into account that there may be other children like mine. Keep in mind a child who doesn’t say trick or treat or thank you, may be non-verbal, not rude. The child who is melting down could be having a sensory overload, not because they’re not disciplined enough. Also consider possibly providing an allergen friendly alternative for those with allergies. (Find more info here.)
All kids should be able to enjoy Halloween no matter what and hopefully this list will also keep everyone cool too!

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