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Tackling Two Milestones At Once: I’ve Lost My Mind

One occurred naturally and the other was my bad.

Tackling Two Milestones At Once

My sweet adorable 5 month old baby started teething a few weeks ago and got two tiny little bottom teeth pretty quickly.  He’s still going strong in his teething game though.  We’ve got uncontrollable crying for no reason, sleepless nights, runny noses, red cheeks, and a waterfall of drool all day every day over here.  Its a hot mess to witness.

Tackling Two Milestones At Once

So naturally, being my very sleep deprived self decided since I’ve got one son out of wack, lets just throw in potty training as well for big brother.

Sometimes I don’t even know why I do this to myself.

Have you been there?

Maybe I’m just over confident in my wannabe super mom powers, that I think I can tackle everything at once. It had been a long time coming for potty training and I had put it off long enough.  I just needed to get potty training over with so I could handle one thing, teething. I got myself into this mess and there is no turning back, right?

District 13 is alive and well and so am I.  I mean, er, we’re getting through it and I’ve learn quite a bit through this ordeal.

Successful survival tips:

  1.  Don’t for any reason do what I have done.  Save yourself.  Its not too late for you!
  2.  If its too late for you, may I suggest a form of caffeine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It could be chocolate, coffee, soda, or whatever else your heart desires until the worst is over.  It helps, trust me.
  3.  Bribery is the key to success.  Definitely not suggesting giving your teething baby candy, though they may like that, I’m talking the know-it-all potty trainer.  Candy, stickers, toys, whatever it takes. 🙂
  4.  Be prepared for anything.  You will need a duffel size diaper bag of things, but you’ll be glad you pack those 6 pairs of underwear, 7 baby onsies, 10 baby diapers, two giant packs of wipes, a potty seat…really I could keep going, just know its a lot of stuff.
  5. Laugh.  If I didn’t laugh about some of the crazy situations that happen at the exact same moment, I would be hiding in my closest shoving snickers in my mouth while in the fetal position.  Laughter is the truly the best medicine.
  6.  Your children will survive and you will too and yes, they will still love you. Sometimes you’ll still get pee on your back, but in the end no more giant poop diapers to deal with and you’ll just be dealing with a teething baby.


Tackling Two Milestones At Once

I’ll explain another time about that towel on my sons head. I know you’re curious. 🙂





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