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I Surrender To My Chaotic Life

I was sipping my coffee this morning after my usual 5:15 am wake up call, and I could feel my invisible to do list growing larger and larger by the minute in my head. Then came the anxiety. How was I ever going to get everything on my list checked off for the day? There simply just were not enough hours in the day.I Surrender to my Chaotic Life | East Valley Moms Blog

I’m sure this is every parent’s struggle. You see, my husband and I own our own personal training business here in the East Valley, AND I manage our household of 6, including our two children under 4 and our two dogs. This makes for very busy days with high levels of stress and anxiety. As I was reviewing my mental to do list, an important word came to mind:


Surrender? Where the heck did that come from?! 

So, it got me thinking about the term, “surrender,” and what that looked like to me. First and foremost, I needed to waive the white flag and surrender to my chaotic life. That meant letting things happen as they should, letting go of the control, and just being present in the moment. I needed to surrender to the fact that my children may wake up earlier than their usual ungodly hour and they may be little a-holes as a result of it.

I needed to surrender to the fact that I may not get all of my chores done for the day and my house may be messy, and that’s OK.  Surrender to the fact that client emails and requests may not be answered immediately, and sometimes other people just need to wait. The fact that my day may not go as planned and I may need an extra cup of coffee or two just to make it through the day (thank God for coffee, am I right?!). I may not be able to sit down and eat a meal and have to shove food in my mouth while hovering over the kitchen counter.  

You see, as Gretchen Rubin so graciously and perfectly said it, “The days are long but the years are short.” My life won’t always be this crazy and neither will yours. So, mama, get that while flag ready and remember to take a deep breath, smile, and SURRENDER to YOUR chaotic life. 

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