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Spring Clean in Summer with Metro’s Other Woman {SPONSORED}

This is a Sponsored Post for Metro's Other Women. I received free services in exchange for this post, but all opinions expressed are my own.

Can spring cleaning really only happen during the spring?  

Spring Clean in Summer with Metro's Other Woman | East Valley Moms Blog

We are full force summertime here in AZ and I am still “spring cleaning”. I actually think most moms don’t get to organize just during “Spring”. I would think moms are doing this year round and Metro’s other Woman provides exactly the kind of help that makes the print cleaning tasks manageable. From coat to linen closets, these ladies are mavens at getting clutter in order. 

June was a crazy month for me, it seems like it was over as soon as it started. I had TWO graduations, one from Pre-K and one from high school (yep, you read that right….if you don’t know by now, I have two children thirteen years apart).

Spring Clean in Summer with Metro's Other Woman | East Valley Moms BlogWith all of this going on, working for TWO companies that I am partner in, family in town and planning an EPIC grad party for like waaaay too many people, I felt a notion that my linen and coat closets just needed to be organized. It was a calling. Because when things are just so super crazy, my OCD tendencies kick in to add even more to my list. I did not post before pictures because it was bad… REALLY bad. There were things everywhere. Why is it that coat and linen closets tend to become the abyss for “all things that don’t have a place”??? My closets needed major help. 

So, enter Metro’s Other Woman.

Diana was my savior again. If you did not read my previous post, Diana came in to organize hundreds of pieces of mail in my home office that were piling up from insurance companies. She should really just move in because she’s amazing and I could use her everyday. She’s super sweet and works fast, like scary fast. She got BOTH closets done in a couple of hours. Yeah yeah, this is a sponsored post and all but seriously, this company is awesome. I think I have found my new best organization friend. 

Metro’s Other Woman® is an all-in-one service for savvy, forward-thinking individuals and business owners who are on-the-go, but wise enough to delegate and share the load. A fully licensed and bonded business and personal assisting firm, Metro’s Other Woman® understands your busy life. We offer an array of services that cover every last one of those demanding details that complicate your life.

Office organization? Party planning? Housekeeping? Errands? Laundry? Closet overhaul? Walking the dog? A little bit of everything?

Breathe. Take a load off. Metro’s Other Woman® has got you covered.

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