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National Puppy Day | A Puppy Tale


Happy National Puppy Day!


Did you know that more than 5 million puppies are born in the US every year? That’s a lot of cuteness! If you’re like me, I love celebrating silly holidays that honor my pooch. Even though my dog is no longer a puppy, he’s still just as snuggly and lovable as the day he came home.

My husband and I adopted our dog, Bauer, when he was just a pup from a local rescue group, The Pet Knot. We sat and looked through hundreds of pictures of pups online, read their bios and researched breed characteristics to help us find our best match. During a long night of what I would call puppy tindering, I stumbled upon a wirey haired, sweet eyed little pup giving the most soul piercing look. I knew right then and there we had to meet him.

My hubby and I drove all the way up to North Phoenix to see if we had met our match. The minute we walked in he was zooming around the house playing with the other dogs. I chatted for a while with the owner of the rescue before deciding to fill out adoption paperwork. My husband and I were headed out of town for the weekend so we made arrangements to pick him up once we returned. All weekend, my husband and I talked about ‘pup pups’. We hadn’t decided on a name yet but we knew exactly what collar we were ordering for him, what brand of dog food we would pick up and which toys were the best for teething pups.

Bringing Bauer home filled our hearts with joy and it hasn’t stopped since. Bauer moved into our first house with us. He came with us on vacation to San Diego, Sedona and Tucson. Bauer knew I was pregnant before I did and became my little protector for the next nine months. He laid his head on my belly while our daughter kicked him from inside, and when I went into labor in the wee hours of the morning, he paced the kitchen with me. And what has captured my heart most is his love for our daughter. Running to her side when she cries, snuggling up next to her while she naps and enduring her not so gentle petting are a few of the many ways he has began his friendship with her.

Adopting a puppy can be stressful and hard, especially in the beginning, but it all pays off with the unconditional love they give to the people around them. If you’re considering growing your family by four paws, please consider a local rescue group or shelter. So many puppies and dogs never get the chance to love due to overcrowding. For those who can’t commit to providing a furever home can volunteer at a shelter or foster a dog until they find a family. Thanks to a rescue and a wonderful foster, a little wheaten terrier puppy ran away with my heart and became a part of our family forever.


  • Local Rescue Groups & Shelters
    • LovePup: you may have heard Johnjay & Rich talk about this on their show on 104.7 KISS FM!
    • The Pet Knot: origin of my sweet little dog boy!
    • Arizona Happy Tails
    • AZ Humane Society 
    • Maricopa County Animal Care and Control
    • HALO
    • Arizona Small Dog Rescue
    • Valley of the Sun Dog Rescue
    • Friends for Life
    • Check out a full list of rescues on Phoenix Animal Care Coalition 911 

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