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That one time we all went to the Mall

It was a chilly evening in late January, we strapped the kids in our minivan and made the 35 minute trek to Chandler Fashion Square aka, the mall.

This is where the story begins. 

That one time we all went to the Mall | East Valley Moms Blog

We’ve never been to the mall as a family. Only two of my children had stepped foot in one, about 4 years ago, so the excitement was high.  I was attending an EVMB Kendra Scott fundraiser, and thought it would be a great idea to bring the whole crew. We saw that there was a Lego store so we were pretty confident in keeping everyone busy and happy while I stepped away to admire some jewelry.

I’m sure you’ve been in those situations where you start talking, then keep talking, and talk some more.  I didn’t realize how much time had passed, and I felt so bad about it. I had basically abandoned my husband and kids the whole night.  As I was finally leaving the store I read a text of where the family was at, so I made my way to them. 

Little did I know, there was a pet store at the mall.  Why I didn’t think there might be was one is beyond me, but alas they found it and spent most of their time there. When I reached them they brought me in to check out all the adorable fuzzballs and the one they especially loved. At this moment, I knew.  

I knew that my sweet cherubic children were going to ask if we could take a kitten home.

I ooo’d and awww’d along to appease them, then things started to move, fast. Next thing I knew my husband is giving me the eyes…

Why I don't take my kids to the mall | East Valley Moms Blog


I was backed into a corner.

The cat was taken out of her cage so everyone could meet and play with her. Future’s with the cat where being planned by the kids.  I didn’t want a cat, but I didn’t want to crush the hopes and recent new dreams, of my children.


What the heck and I supposed to do!?! 




I think its obvious now how this story ends. I caved, big time and we welcomed a tiny 4 month old kitten, we named Zelda. 

Now you know about that one time I took my whole family to the mall, any why i’ll be keeping my kids away, far away for quite some time. 

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