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How to Make The Most of a Summer Birthday

When I found out my first child’s due date, I was filled with joy. Mostly because when you find out your pregnant, you’re so happy to be adding a little one to your family. At the time, I didn’t think about the last three to four months of ungodly heat I’d endure, how I’d have to decide whether or not to hold him back a year at kinder because of his birthday, or having a summer birthday.

I was born at the end of May, and usually my birthday falls on Memorial Day weekend, so sometimes that meant my friends were out of town and couldn’t celebrate with me and I never got to bring treats to my classmates because school was always out before my birthday. It’s not the most important thing, but it was always something that was kind of a bummer and I know I am not the only one who thinks this way.

That’s why I’ve always tried to be intentional about making Asher’s birthday special despite it being a difficult one to plan.

His birthday usually falls on the first week of school, which is only recently a problem. He doesn’t really know his friends at his new class yet and this year he is starting a whole new school. So I usually invite his friends from his previous class, church, and obviously family.

Venue is also hard, obviously, because of the extreme heat. Indoor venues are expensive, but also can be all inclusive. I try to save money, by finding groupons, or finding deals for off times like Friday evenings or Saturday morning or even waiting till like a week before to find an open date for a bounce house gym. Typically those places will offer dates that happen within the week or 10 days for a discount. The outdoors isn’t off limits either. We have so many splash pads and pools ( when the kids are older) to play at. We will go early in the day and do birthday donuts instead of cake to celebrate. I don’t have to worry about anything melting and everyone still got a sweet treat.

Summer birthdays can be challenging, but they can always be a good time, with a little creativity.

How to Make The Most of a Summer Birthday | East Valley Moms Blog


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