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Little Moments of Joy

Little Moments of Joy | East Valley Moms Blog

I had planned to spend Addison’s nap time reading a non-board book for once and tidying up the house. She had other plans for me. So, here I sit, rocking her as she snoozes on me for who knows how much longer. It’s easy for me to feel a little upset since I was looking forward to some ‘me’ moments where I’m not being followed into the bathroom or hollered at for turning Mick-me (Mickey Mouse) off. And then comes God, reminding me to pause, be thankful and soak in this moment.

After I had Addison, the first month of family life was chaos. Adjusting to a newborn schedule while recovering from a c-section was no joke. A few weeks into home life brought postpartum complications including infection and a postpartum hemorrhage. I lost so many days of these kinds of snuggles from being in the hospital for my complications. I look back and feel this sadness and longing to be able to remember her newborn days with better clarity. The emotions that surround our first month of life together are ones that are still precious. What happened to me was nothing short of a life changing event. It continues to shape the way I go about everything. It’s because of that suffering that I’m able to let go of the selfishness and enjoy this gift of motherhood with which I have been blessed. 

Motherhood is a blessing.

Motherhood is a journey that many wait years to do. I’m so grateful for this sweet little girl of mine and for my health that allows me to be here in this chair with a full bladder and zero intentions of moving. Mommas, take the time to love those babies as much and as often as you can. While it’s totally normal to want some space, it’s also a joy to receive these little moments  to reflect and give praise. 

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