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Keys to a Suc-sex-ful Marriage

Disclaimer: If you clicked on this article expecting ’50 ways to please your husband’ please refer to this month’s Cosmopolitan magazine!

Keys to a Suc-sex-ful Marriage | East Valley Moms BlogAlright, now that you know you’re not getting a list of positions or erotic fantasy ideas, let’s talk sex in marriage. For some reason, we tend to shy away from talking about sex after marriage. And we definitely don’t talk about sex after babies. 

But why? Sure, most of us are having less sex due to the fact you’re trying to keep a tiny human alive, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t engage in sex when the opportunity presents itself. Sex is a way of bonding with your significant other.

It’s intimate and passionate and beautiful. Sometimes it’s short and messy and unexpected. When it comes to sex, there are endless ways to make it how you want it. 

Want to know my favorite kind of sex?

Want to know my favorite kind of sex? Sex where both my husband and I are satisfied. I’m sure you’re probably thinking, ‘Well, duh, Ashton. I’m not trying to leave empty handed’. Yeah, neither am I when it comes to the physical satisfaction. Trust me ladies; I feel ya!

But being truly satisfied to me means being happy in my marriage. It means feeling like I’m part of a team at home. I like to feel supported, valued and cared for by my husband. Knowing I’m not flying solo on the home front or in any of my personal endeavors fills my love bucket.

Look out!

I feel sexiest when I’m satisfied mentally and emotionally! Look out, husband, I’m coming for you! And quite honestly, I might be feeling sexy in my yoga pants and mom bun at that point.

What I’m getting at here is simple. Sex in marriage is and should be a thing. We want to feel loved and supported. We want to feel connected to our spouses. Successful marriages are sexy. Knowing what makes your husband feel loved and valued will in turn help him love and value you. 

The trick to all of this? Telling your husband what turns you on. Do you like the way he scrubs your dishes, girl? Tell him! And boy, when he compliments you on how clean the house is; I bet you turn red in the cheeks. Don’t even get me started when he takes you out for a day date to Chick-fil-A and Bed, Bath and Beyond..WOOOO! I feel the temperatures rising!!!

When he does or says something that makes you feel satisfied, let him know. Chances are he’s looking for multiple ways to please you! Don’t be shy about sexy marriages! Let’s talk more about satisfaction and let’s talk more sex!

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