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Sometimes, I’m THAT Mom in public.


Sometimes, I’m THAT mom in public.

I have a teenage girl, a tween girl and a boy who’s not a toddler but not quite a big kid. The one doing something totally embarrassing like waving to the teenager’s friends. Or heaven forbid, rolling my window down and TALKING to one of them. OMG! How dare I? I’m that mom who hasn’t bought a phone for the teenager yet, again, ruining her life.

I’m that mom who has a squad of teenage girls loud-whispering secrets in the backseat because they think I can’t hear them or remember what it was like to be a teenage girl. I’m also that mom who makes the teenager babysit her siblings so we can have a date-night and it happens to coincide with the teenagers’ last minute plans. “It’s so unfair!” is a saying heard a lot around our house right now, right along with “UGH!” and stomping sounds headed toward the bedroom. (But no more slammed doors. A week of the door off its hinges put a stop to that sound.)

Sometimes I'm THAT mom in public | East Valley Moms BlogThankfully though,

I’m also THAT mom

That mom who tries very hard to keep an even temper and check my ego when the teen is flying off the emotional handle for one reason or another. I have a squad of teenage girls who call me “mom” and know that they can text if they need anything and I’ll drop what I’m doing to help any of them. I’m the mom who offers hugs in the face of stomping, and bite my tongue a lot when the teenager is talking. I do remember my teenage years, and how “unfair” and “mean” my mom was. So I’m trying hard to be that mom, and raise confident, strong and amazing humans, like she did. 


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