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I’m not ready for Christmas Music | Mom Jam Playlist Included

While driving my kids to and from activities this past week, it happened. A simple request from the back seat, “Mom, can we start listening to the radio station with the Christmas music?” 

 I'm not ready for Christmas Music | Mom Jams Playlist included | East Valley Moms Blog

I knew then that my time as master of the radio had faded as the majority rules of “YEAH! CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS!” chants started ringing in my ears. 

I'm not ready for Christmas music | Mom Jam Playlist Included

I love Christmas music, but o holy night, I do not want to listen to it every time I’m in the car. There is a time, and a mental capacity for it and I’m just not there yet. Give me a week before the big day, I’ll get into it but still even then.  So in an effort to still put of the jingle off a little longer, I went to our beloved EVMB writers & mombassadors and asked a simple question: What is your jam?

So if you’re not ready for constant Christmas music, like myself, here is a list of songs that I compiled from the songs suggested. Moms lets rock out and keep pumped and going through all the madness and crazy of this holiday season. You don’t need to listen to Christmas music to be cheerful and jolly.  Now some of these may not be appropriate for your precious, adorable, angelic children’s ears, but they’ll be perfect for you. 😉

So grab your headphones, hide in the closet, lock your bedroom door or whatever, but this list will sure to get your toes tapping. 🙂 



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  1. Ashton Kelly
    Ashton Kelly December 1, 2017 at 10:54 pm #

    LOVE that biggie made the list!

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