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15 Simple DIY Halloween Costumes

In my family we grew up making our costumes. I think homemade costumes can be the greatest costumes around.  Whether its sewed, duck taped, or hot glued, seeing your completed project just makes it that much sweeter! I love using my creative juices to make the perfect DIY Halloween costume.  Whether your kid wants to be a Cow girl, Wild Style, or Pikachu, most a costumes can be made by you!

15 Halloween Costume Ideas | East Valley Moms Blog

I’ve gathered photos of costumes that members of my family and I have put together in the past to give you some ideas of something you can put together yourself and pretty quick too! Most these costumes can be put together with items you already have around the house, or hitting up your local dollar and thrift stores!  Happy costuming.


* I added a list under each costume what supplies you’d need to make the costumes, but it’s pretty easy to guess what you need just by looking at the pictures*

*Couple costumes*


Birthday Girl & The Pinata

-For birthday girl get any clothes that are kiddish
-find a stick or bat whatever you prefer
-party hats from dollar store
-For the pinata, cover old shirt & jeans by gluing tissue paper over them
-Get tissue paper at dollar store


Pumpkin Pi(e)

when you want your spouse to dress up but they won’t, and I love a good pun costume

-Orange & black shirts
-White & black acrylic paint

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-look in your closet and see what you’ve got
-hit up thrift store for the rest
-long wig
-some feathers from the dollar store for your hair
-braided headband or fabric for headbands


Radical 80’s

– If you haven’t hung on to your 80’s clothes hit up the thrift store
you’ll walk around with everything you need.


Goofy Golfers

-All this can be found in your closets
-Just put on clothes that would be weird together
-plastic golf caddies you can find at Walmart for about 5 bucks

price is right

Price is Right contestants

-Poster board or card board
-Green, blue & pink paint
-Yellow tape (get clean lines for the numbers)
-String to hold around your head


*Individual costumes*


Purple cow

-White shirt
-Pink acrylic paint
-purple felt
-hot glue

If you haven’t had a purple cow before please try one its vanilla ice cream with grape soda.
Its basically a grape float but we call these bad boys purple cows. 🙂


Bird Watcher

-any wig
-black birds from dollar store
-black shirt
-Iron on transfer (or just use white paint for the words)
-any book you cover in brown paper (true story the book in the pic is an N’SYNC book)
-fake blood or red lipstick


90’s & 50’s housewives

-look in your closet and see what you’ve got
-hit up your parents for clothes they have still hung on to all these years
-hit up your thrift store
-for 50’s house wife raid your cleaning supplies


Cardboard cutouts

– poster board
-markers, crayons, pens, & an imagination
-string to hang poster board around head
-any accessories you want to add to your face

*you could also with this idea be a deck of cards by hanging two poster board on you one in front one behind you.
and draw whatever card suite you want on the poster. easy peasy*


*Kids Costumes*


Tulle Tinkerbell

-elastic band
-a whole lot of tulle (buy by the yard cheaper and you get more)
-green ribbon
-wings from dollar store (if they don’t have white just paint them white)


The undead

This is a basic go to for most boys, at least ones that i know
-face makeup kit
-old shirts
-fake blood

*Mummy version* same makeup but tear up white sheet and wrap it around your limbs
*Dark version* same makeup but wear black clothing


Ompa Lompa

-Orange long sleeve shirt & socks
-baseball pants
-orange yard to make yarn poof for shoes
-green hair spray
-orange & white face paint
-white & orange fabric


Twinkie Mascot

I’ve seen a lot of minions being made the same way, but how many twinkie mascots do you see running around?

-Yellow foam ( enough to make a tube that will fit around you
– cowboy hat & boots
-blue fabric (for bandanna)
-red paint to make circle on blue fabric

*Family, individual, or child’s costume*


Family of awesome

-wear any clothes you want (keep it simple or really dress it up)
-Print off any face of any character or celebrity
-poke holes in eyes so you can see
-elastic string stapled to paper head so you’ll be hands free

Isn’t Halloween just awesome!  Can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing this year! Have fun putting your Halloween costumes together and getting creative!!


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