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Company Is Coming: Make It Simple and Don’t Stress

Company Is Coming | Make it simple and don't stress

Company is coming and Mom’s, I know you can relate to this post and OMG this video!  I’m not a huge comedy fan, I’d rather watch mystery’s, action, and suspense.  I don’t find the average comedy funny, so for me to laugh it has to be extremely outlandish and hilarious.  If you are a wife, or at minimum a mom and you’ve ever had company over, then this video is a must see.  Now keep in mind it’s completely over the top yet hilariously relatable….  

WATCH THIS VIDEO>>>       Company Is Coming

My sister will be in town for about a week.  She bought a home approximately 3 miles away from me and is coming to get renovations started.  Normally when I’m having company over or am hosting an event, I’m stressed and working down to the wire.  Actually, I’m usually late to my own party. 

My guests may or may not have to help me finish preparation…. oops  What can I say, it’s not my calling.

But, my sister is one of very few people that I don’t feel like I have to put on a dog and pony show.  Outside of my children and husband, she is who I feel safest and happiest with and most comfortable.

Also, there are many things I would like to do and numerous Pinterest boards that haunt my lack of creativeness, I’m lucky if I remember half of the items on my list especially when shopping at Home Goods.  (Side bar: when I’m there, I want to sip coffee and roam every aisle with no interruptions and lend a friendly smile and face that say’s “this is fun, huh?”)  Instead I have my 3 year old who touches most breakables, sits on every chair or bench, and asks for things like the 32 ounce bag of gourmet gummy bears.  With this being said, I thought it would be nice to have JUST a little something in the guest room to show how much I love my sis and how happy I am she’s here.  

Company is coming | Make it simple and don't stressThis magazine is full of gorgeous DIY ideas and she bought December’s issue when she was here for Christmas and really enjoyed it.  She even made a soap that I love with a loofah in the center so when you run it across your skin you feel it scrubbing as well.  Love!  

I also got her a hydro flask.  Hydration is essential when living in Arizona so why not start her with this super trendy water jug.  Lastly, just a couple of treats she may want to snack on when everyone’s a sleep.

Moms, don’t let stress replace the joy of hosting your favorite people.  

Many things don’t matter so focus on what’s important like; clean sheets, clean bathroom, and a warm welcome.  Anything more is just a cherry on top of your fav ice cream. 

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