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A Mom’s Attempt to Finish Her Coffee

Fantasy vs. Reality

Most mornings, before I even open my eyes, I wake up to the scent of freshly brewed coffee hand delivered to my nightstand by my husband before he heads off to work. It’s the perfect temp with a splash of sweet cream, okay, maybe more than a splash. Anyways, both of my kids are still asleep and I sit in my robe, catch up on The Bachelor and enjoy the quiet of the morning. I finish the last sip and…

Are your eyes rolling yet? Let’s get real, I can barely type this because it is so unlike my typical morning. Yes, the part about smelling coffee is true, but it’s the cup my husband brews for himself before heading out the door in the morning. My toddler is an early riser and almost always my alarm clock. Somehow she always wakes bright eyed and ready to take on the day likes she’s just downed a few shots of espresso herself.  According to her “the sky is awake, so I’m awake”, thanks Ana. (NOT) And if she is awake, mom is too.

Treat Yo’self

Brewing myself a hot cup of coffee is something I treat myself to every single morning. It’s how I fill my tank in the morning, because these days I am running on E by the end of the day, aren’t we all? And if your morning looks anything like mine, then you know the seconds are few between those first glorious sips until the chaos of the day takes off. First, I’m cooking breakfast for my indecisive toddler, attempting an Elsa braid, then changing out laundry, changing diapers, calming tears over toddler woes, wiping tiny noses, and oh, did I mention changing diapers?

It’s usually not until after the kids go down for their nap that I’m finally reunited with the cup of coffee, only a few sips less than full and right where I left it. It’s looking at me as if saying “Remember me? You just LEFT me here, HOURS ago, thanks lady.” Most days I usually start from square one with a fresh cup. Then what happens? You guessed it!  The dog barks, the baby cries, the “not tired” toddler keeps escaping her room before you know the sun has gone down and you spot that darn cup, nearly full, somewhere else around the house, cold and sad looking. It’s a vicious cycle.

Okay moms. The solution.

Well, my best attempt at a solution because I still haven’t quite got it figured it out. This is how I’ve decided to look at it.  Let yourself savor those first delicious sips and accept that finishing that “perfect” cup of coffee uninterrupted from beginning to end may not be in the cards for us right now.  For me and the season of motherhood I’m in with two little ones at home, it’s just not a reality.  There are days it does happen, thanks to my husband (and sometimes Disney+) and it is nothing less than ah-mazing.  So whether you’re a working mom who is trying to chug her coffee down at red lights (I’ve been there) or a stay at home mom in the thick of bottles, diapers, and Peppa Pig just, our time will come. But for now, let the cups go cold, and soak in the little moments because our momma hearts know and have been told oh so many times that it goes by way too fast.  Let’s embrace it because down the road when we’re able to drink that last sip of warm coffee on a regular basis, I’m pretty sure we will miss these crazy days.

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