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5 Ways to Find Time for Yourself

After a few particularly stressful months of solo-parenting, packing and moving, I decided to make it a point to make time for ME. I couldn’t be a good mom and wife if I wasn’t taking time for myself. Being a stay-at-home-mom, I knew that it wasn’t going to always be easy. A recharge was needed. If not for me, but for my family. 

As moms we tend to put ourselves last; kids, spouse and even work needs tend come before our own. I am guilty as charged. The saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup” comes to mind and it is so very true. It’s not easy, but moms deserve a break every now and then; some time to recharge and not be mom, even for 30 minutes.

While I’d love to plan spa days or exciting trips with my friends, that is not always a possibility (or in the budget), so I’ve made list of the 5 ways I make time to reset, recharge and “fill my own cup.”

5 Ways to Find Time for Yourself | East Valley Moms Blog


Take a bath

Once the kids are asleep and the house is cleaned up, I love to take a nice, warm bath. I grab a book, maybe a candle and a glass of wine, and just block out the world for 30 minutes. It’s the only time I actually get to read and the quick little escape is the perfect way to end the day. 

Watch a movie that YOU like

Sometimes I sacrifice a little bit of sleep to stay up and watch a movie alone. It’s refreshing to not have to answer questions like, “what’s Elsa doing?” and just be. I haven’t been to a movie since before my daughter was born, so this is the time when I get to watch something new and that I missed in theaters. And with OnDemand, iTunes and Amazon Prime, it’s way cheaper than going to a movie and I don’t even have to find a sitter.

A pedicure

One weekend a month I attempt to break away from the family and leave the house alone to go get a pedicure. I am usually able to sneak out during nap time and grab a quick coffee and then relax at the nail salon for an hour. When money is tight, I justify it as being cheaper than therapy, which I would need if I didn’t take time away. 


I don’t know what it is about perusing the ivory aisles of Target alone, but it is therapeutic. Perhaps it’s the lack of demands from tiny humans or lack of judgmental stares from other shoppers because I refuse to give into said demands. Whatever it is, it works. Like numbers 1 and 2, this is best done at night, once the tiny humans are asleep,  if I’m alone and at my favorite store, I count it as a win. 

Face Masks

I LOVE face masks. So much so, I designate one night a week as “mask night.” For me, it’s usually on Friday nights and I slather it on before I start to get ready for bed. Target has a great selection of single use packs for under three dollars, so you don’t even have to spend a lot of money. There are tons of homemade masks on Pinterest, too. 


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