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What to Wear for Fall Family Photos (In AZ)

Its super easy to do a search on Pinterest for “What to Wear in Fall Family Photos” but most of those pins or articles don’t take into account that it is sometimes still HOT in the Fall here in Arizona! I’ve had clients plan for super adorable thick sweater sets only to have a heat wave show up on photo day. So I’d like to offer some general tips and tricks to make your family look adorable in photos, also with some realistic expectations for life in Arizona.

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos in AZ | East Valley Moms Blog

-Coordinate, don’t go matchy-matchy. Long gone are the days of white polos shirts on top and dark jeans on bottom. Photos are all about expressing your own unique style and coordinating as a family without looking like twins. (Unless you have twins, then by all means, dress them matching because its always cute!) Choose a color scheme and add accessories, patterns and texture for interest.    

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos in AZ | East Valley Moms Blog

They chose “blue, gray & a pop of pink” as their color scheme, while staying true to their individual styles & comfort level.

-Plan for layers. Not only does this add interest and texture to your images, but it also allows you to add more on a colder day or remove a few layers if Arizona forgets its Autumn. Select a coordinating sweater, jacket or vest for the kids and keep it on standby just in case.

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos in AZ | East Valley Moms Blog

The added jacket & sweater were the perfect touch of texture for each girl, and when baby got too warm, she had a sweet romper underneath. (I also really love the use of pattern in their photos. Polka dots, stripes and solids make for great interest with a simple background such as this park)


-Dress you first. Without fail, moms pick out cute new outfits for the kids, buy a new shirt for the spouse and then rummage through the closet to find something that we don’t hate. Don’t. Find something that you LOVE, that makes you feel pretty, that you like yourself in. Then, coordinate the family to you. If you love yourself in the outfit, you’re going to love yourself in the photos.

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos in AZ | East Valley Moms Blog

Mama went for a neutral slouchy tee with skinny jeans and boots which coordinated well with the patterns in hubby’s shirt and the shoe selections of the girls, tying everyone together.

-Choose comfort. Most family photo sessions take place outdoors (because, Hello, its gorgeous out there!), so be sensible in your selections for yourself and the kids. Avoid shoes that can’t be walked in, or itchy sweaters (no matter how cute they are). Comfortable kids (and spouses) make for happier photo sessions. Closed toe shoes are a must if you’re planning a desert session. Jumping chollas are no fun anyway but way worse in strappy sandals.

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos in AZ | East Valley Moms Blog

These cuties were ready for action in boots and soft fabrics. I love the play of patterns and colors for their very FALL session (despite the uptick in the temperature that day).


-When in doubt, ask your photographer or most styled friend for help. One of my favorite tasks is wandering through client’s closets, picking from items they already own to put outfits together. We’ll make a short shopping list of additional accessories or one or two new items, but overall, we save the money they’d spend on clothes to allow them to spend more on wall art & albums! If your photographer doesn’t offer this service, have a girlfriend come over with fresh eyes and go “shopping” in your existing wardrobes!

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos in AZ | East Valley Moms Blog

One of the easiest ways to coordinate large groups is to choose a “Neutral” theme. This family selected beige, tan, brown and blue to pull everyone together and not have to go on a massive shopping spree. It was also unusually cold that day, so the additional layers added warmth and texture.

-Last, but not least, keep your display in mind when selecting your style, colors and overall tones. If your living room is decorated as a Tuscan Villa, a downtown Urban session in bright funky colors might not be a good fit. Or if you’ve got beach decor in the family room, you may not want to dress in formal wear at sunset in the desert. I love printing and hanging photos, so I always keep the final plan in mind. Also keep your location in mind when selecting your color scheme. A neutral background allows for wider variety of outfit colors, a busy background might mean keeping things neutral on the clothing. Its all about balance.

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos in AZ | East Valley Moms Blog

Proof that blue/green/neutral is always a safe combo for photos. It coordinates with water, desert or tree locations and looks good on just about everybody. This family is a perfect example of mixing patterns, textures, accessories while staying comfortable and relaxed for photos.

Because we both know you’re going to craft a Pinterest board full of ideas, I’ve made it a little easier for you. Go here to see TONS of pins with color schemes, outfit ideas and tips & tricks for pairing accessories: and while you’re pinning fashion ideas, be sure to follow EVMB’s Fashion board for awesome tricks to dressing yourself with style:


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