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What is Friendsgiving and How Do You Host One?


There is this word I’ve been hearing more about each year in the month of November, Friendsgiving.  Like seriously, what does that even mean?  Thankfully, urban dictionary to the rescue.

Friendsgiving: The celebration of Thanksgiving dinner with your friends. This usually occurs on the Wednesday before or the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, since Thanksgiving is usually reserved for family gatherings.

It was a pretty big “i should have known that!” moment when I looked it up.  I guess I just assumed it had a much more complicated meaning.  So, in my quest to know all things, I’ve been digging online through a ridiculous amount of information to figure out if hosting a friendsgiving is something I’d like to do (someday or maybe this year).   I have a fear of no shows (or FONS, yeah I’m gonna make this a thing. LOL!), so hosting something like this is way out of my comfort zone but after hours of reading, my conclusion is that it doesn’t have to be a big event.  It’s just about friends spending a holiday together, eating copious amounts of delicious foods and having a good time. 

I’m hoping this post will give me strength to try this year.  I’ll let you know. 😉  I’ve narrowed down the most important points (out of all the ideas I’ve read) to a successful gathering. 

Host a friendsgiving for the first time: 

  • START EARLY– Start at least 2 weeks before, if not more. Who, when and where? Are the big questions for this.  It would be nice to deliver invitations personally too. 
  • PLAN A MENU- Decide whether it will be leftovers (if it’s after thanksgiving), specific food assignments or maybe just sandwiches. Food is the center, so its pretty improtant. 🙂 
  • DELEGATE–  Just because you’re the host does not mean you need to do everything.  Host should at minimum have the protein, but let your friends help, it is friendsgiving after all, what are friends for, right? Everyone should bring a drink to share as well.
  • DECORATE-  Seems trivial, but I think this will set the mood for the gathering and its always fun to dress up a table, hang a few garlands and banners, when you normally wouldn’t.  Makes it much more special.  Lets be honest, you gotta post something adorable on instagram. 
  • DON’T STRESS– Easier said than done, I’m sure, but after all the reading on hosting, its about having fun.  Nobody really cares if you forget something, or spill the cranberries, or a soda explodes every where.  You’re making memories that you and your friends will be talking about for years. 


Even typing these out, I feel like I could do it!  I could plan a friendsgiving easily!  Well, if I’m going to take my own advice I better be starting now! Check out my Friendsgiving pinterest board for inspiration!


Have you hosted or been to a friendsgiving?  How did it go? I wanna know! 

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