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Viva la Brunch! | A Waffle and MOMosa Bar


Viva la Brunch! | A Waffle and MOMosa Bar | East Valley Moms Blog

Let there be brunch! Nothing better than getting together with friends with a side of sunshine and champagne. My favorite way to celebrate brunch is with mis amigas. Rather than going out and paying for brunch I decided to host at mi casa.

I wanted to make it easy on myself and divertido so the theme for this brunch was a waffle and MOMosa bar! (See what I did there MOMosa not mimosa.) There was also a simple Pinterest craft that was provided for mis amigas to do as it was a variety of people and I wanted something fun for guests to do that could spark interaction. So here’s the brunch play by play:

Viva la Brunch! | A Waffle and MOMosa Bar | East Valley Moms Blog

Craft paper was used as a table runner and wrote the following instructions: Step one, get a waffle. Step two, top it girl. Step three, spread some love. Step four, eat and repeated. The toppings were place in individual cups and the waffles were cut in fours.

Waffle Bar

Belgium & Tater tot


chocolate chips, bananas, kiwis,  berries                                                     

bacon, sour cream, cheese, green onion                                         

Syrup, peanut butter, whipped cream, whipped butter, cookie butter

Tater tot waffles were a hit you guys! Got the recipe off Pinterest and they turned out crunchy and are simple to make. The Belgium waffles were just a box recipe. I made those first and cut them into fours so people could enjoy making different combinations with smaller portions. My favorite combination was whipped cream, chocolate chips, and banana. Really, the possibilities for toppings are endless.

What kind of waffle would you make?

MOMosa Bar

Use two different type of your favorite bubbly and two of your favorite different types of juices. Use the same fruit from the waffle bar and voila!

Craft hour

Cactus Rocks: Take river rocks and paint green. Have white sharpies to make cactus design on rocks. Then provide colored sharpies to add flowers to rock if desired. Place cactus rocks in a small clay pot with pea pebbles and use washi tape to decorate the pots as desired. Felicidades, you have a succulent that won’t die on you.

Viva la Brunch! | A Waffle and MOMosa Bar | East Valley Moms Blog

Via La Brunch and happy mothers day! 

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