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I remember the day clearly, it was the second year of marriage when I discovered my husband’s usage of all of my beauty products. As I was taking a shower one morning, I reached for my expensive, “for color-treated hair” shampoo and noticed that the bottle felt a little lighter. Interesting… After all, it was only my husband and I since we didn’t have our boys yet. Obviously, my hubby was the culprit of the excessive shampoo use. But why?

 Hey men, get your own beauty products! | East Valley Moms Blog

He had “his” stuff that I bought him and I had “my” stuff. Granted, his stuff wasn’t what you and I would consider high-end, but all his products could easily be found in the aisles of Target. Without bringing attention to the situation, I followed his behavior pattern quietly over the following weeks. I began to notice that my facial moisturizer with SPF slowly dwindled, too. Then, my body lotion was gone. Most people may think sharing their good stuff with their significant other is no big deal, but if you follow me on EVMB, you know that beauty is serious business to me. When I finally asked him why he was using my stuff, he said that my products worked so much better than his. He apparently was listening to every conversation I would have with him about skin. I guess that’s what happens when you have a wife who is an aesthetician. Poor guy. It was in that moment that I realized that men have every right and should take care of themselves just as much as women do. I always assumed that men needed the bare necessities of grooming. You know, a razor, deodorant, and all-in-one hair/body wash. For the longest time, I assumed that multi-tasking products were more beneficial to him than result driven products. Yes, they want easy-to-use products, but they want them to work, too. From that year on, I’ve always helped my husband find better products for his skin. After all, we promised to grow old together and I want him looking good and staying healthy while doing it.

For Father’s Day this year, I encourage you to take a peek at your husband’s products and see if they’re really working for him. I would start with SPF. We don’t let our kids out of the house without sunscreen, who do we let our husbands? Most men I meet don’t even wear SPF. Not because they don’t want to, it’s because they don’t know they need to. Maybe your husband is already good about protecting his skin or maybe one day you’ll notice your expensive bottles slowly dwindling down, too. And at that point you’ll know that it’s his silent cry for help.

Happy Father’s Day to all the great partners out there!

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