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To the Mom in Target, I See You

One of my favorite pastimes is strolling up and down the aisles of Target at 8:45 on a Saturday morning, Starbucks in hand. I smile ear-to-ear because I thoroughly enjoy my early morning strolls through Target with coffee, just me and the kids. 

Occasionally, I get the rude, unforgiving stares of strangers. Whether it is because my kid has a cake pop at 9 am, or shes drinking chocolate milk that she shouts is “her coffee”, or sometimes it is because she is crying because I didn’t get her these things. I try not to let them get to me, I know I’m a good mom and doing the best I can. 

Why people glare and interrupt one of my only peaceful moments, I will never understand. I always just smile back. 

Last week, I was strolling my normal stroll through Target, with my Trenta Iced Coffee (that is the extremely large one for those of you who don’t know) in hand and it had been a long night turned early morning. I know you could see the bags under my eyes, even through my makeup. I was in lounge pants and a large men’s sweatshirt. Nevertheless, I was happy. 

A group of women nearby commented on how you are supposed to “uphold a certain standard at Target” and that “This isn’t Walmart, Sweatpants aren’t for Target”. I was taken back, I didn’t know whether or not they were talking about me, but it sure felt like it. I quickly began making my way to the checkout even though I was far from done. 

That’s when I saw someone who should be my friend. Just when I needed it, another mom said “Good Morning!” in a happy cheery voice, and I instantly felt a million times better! 

I could tell this mom should be my friend by her cart alone. Her cart was full of miscellaneous decor items, a $6 bottle of wine, chocolate, and tampons. Her kids were also snacking on treats at 9 am, just so she could enjoy her Target stroll. She also looked tired, and happily wearing her yoga pants and a baggy T-Shirt. 

What really got me, was that she smiled and said “Good Morning!” Maybe she sensed I was feeling down and really needed it, or maybe she just is a naturally friendly person…OR MAYBE she thought our carts would pair well together. At least I think a $6 bottle of wine and a frozen pizza would make for a great movie night with a friend! Whatever the case, she saved one of my favorite pastimes, and made me believe in nice moms again. 

I guess my point is, be kind. Say “Hi!” and “Good Morning!” to people, you seriously never know what it means to the person you are saying it to. 

Mom life is crazy. $6 bottles of wine, frozen pizzas, and a morning “Hello” go a long way. 

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