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This Busy Mama’s Skincare Routine

Part of me has to laugh at myself that I’m actually writing a blog about skincare. Because two years ago, I was the one who was guilty of NEVER washing my face. I mean, maybe that’s a lie. I suppose that my face was “washed” when some shampoo splashed on it while I was washing my hair — that counts, right? 

I’ve recently realized though, that if I take care of my skin now, I will thank myself in 50 years. I’ve decided to invest more in actual skincare and less in makeup, too. It’s worked out because now that my skin is healthier, I feel like I don’t need to cover it up. I’ve spent the last two years researching, chatting with my esthetician and really raising my skincare game. If I’ve done it, you can too!

I actually started seeing an esthetician because I had a coupon for a free hydrafacial. Woo — free things! I ended up being really impressed with the whole process of literally sucking the gunk from my pores, and my eyes were opened to all things skincare. Compared to some people though, I would say that I’ve tried to maintain a mostly simple skincare routine. I invest in a few, quality products and try to avoid filling my medicine cabinet with a bunch of oils, serums, masks, etc. 

This Busy Mama's Skincare Routine


Here are my big four: clean, moisturize, exfoliate, protect. 

Clean – I wash my face morning and night. I used to hate washing my face at night, so I’ve actually gotten in the habit of trying to wash my face right after I lay my boys down and before I fall asleep watching Netflix on the couch. I know you know how that goes. 

Moisturize – During the day I use a light non-scented hydrating facial cream. At night I use a bit of a heavier moisturizer, and I do use one that has a retinal cream in it. I’m not the expert, but from what I understand, retinal speeds up the cell production and turnover, making your skin seem brighter and fresher. I don’t know all the science behind it, but I do know that I’ve noticed less forehead and eye lines since I’ve been using it! 

Exfoliate – I generally only exfoliate once a week (when I remember or when I feel like my face needs a bit extra). I think that I have heard you can exfoliate a bit more, but if I’m being honest, the amazing exfoliation cream that I’ve fallen in love with is not cheap so I try to use it only when I need it. I do love the smooth feeling on my face after and it really helps to brighten up my skin. 

Protect – Sunscreen. Every. Day. I use a sunscreen in addition to the SPF in my daily moisturizer. It’s generally a really great idea to wear daily sunscreen and protect your skin, but retinal is known for making your face a bit more sensitive to the sun, so if you are using a retinal cream of any sort, don’t skip this step!

In addition to what I do at home, I do schedule regular hydrafacials and I recently had micro-needling done. Skin treatments with an esthetician are definitely a bit more of a time and financial investment, but I think it helps my overall skin care and it helps me stay ahead in the skincare game. 

If you’re looking to change or level-up your skincare game, here a few things that I would keep in mind: 

  • Start with a simple routine that you can commit to. Consistency over fancy-schmancy. It might be fun to add in 37 different face serums, but if you can’t picture yourself actually using each one daily, just skip it. 
  • Try a few products and see what works best for your skin. Some skin may be sensitive to different things and don’t give up on a certain product until you’ve tried a few different types. 
  • If you are looking to schedule some treatments with an esthetician, do your research! There are many places that do facials, micro-needling, and other services now but take the time to ask questions, read reviews and find a trustworthy place. Bonus points if you can find a place with a membership program. I’ve found that having the “med-spa membership” not only helps me save a good bit of money, but it helps me stay committed to scheduling treatments.

Most importantly, remember to do what you can, Mama. My boys are older, we’re all sleeping through the night and it seems less impossible to take some time and use some mental energy for myself. If you’re not there yet, the Neutrogena Facial Wipes are great for taking the makeup off as you slide into bed and get the sleep you can. 

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