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Things I Have Learned from Making My Bed

I have never been one to make my bed.  I always found it silly because you are literally just going to mess it up again when you go to bed.  When I got married my husband would make our bed every once in a while, but it never really stuck and since I didn’t see the point I never kept it up either.  It wasn’t until recently, while doing a make over on my room, that I decided to buy a new bedspread and make my bed every day.  I had no idea what something simple as making my bed everyday would do.  It has taught me a few things, and I am so grateful for that. 

The first thing it has taught me is that if I can accomplish at least that one task, it often leads me to get more done.  It all starts with the one little thing, and that often gives me the motivation to just do one more thing, and one more thing.  Sure there are some days where making my bed is the only thing I do, but even if it is the only thing I do, I have still accomplished something. It also usually boosts my mood.  I love walking into my room and seeing a clean room and clean bed, it seems to refresh my mood, and that is something I definitely need during these unusual times.

My bed has also now become a hang out zone.  Now there is a lot more snuggling in bed with mom, more family movies watched, and just quality time spent together.  It is almost like our bed has become a safe haven, from everything going on in the world.  It’s a safety net, and a place of comfort.  I remember when I was growing up, some of the best conversations my parents and I had were when we were sitting on their bed.  Even now if I am having a hard day, my mom and I will lay in her bed and just talk.  It is a fond memory that I have, and I hope that it is something my kids will remember too.  I hope they always feel comfortable piling onto my bed, and sharing all that’s on their mind.  I never realized what an impact such a small thing would have. 

I now look forward to making my bed. I look forward to the mornings where all my kids pile into my bed.  I hope my big kids remember the times where they got to stay up late and play games with mom and dad.  I’m really enjoying the slower pace, and the memories that have come, all from deciding to make my bed.  

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