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The TTC Bible of What to Buy

TTC (tee-tee-cee) verb:  when a couple is trying to conceive.

Trying to conceive can be emotionally draining and hard to go through, but I am here to share a few tips with you, so you feel a little less alone and a little more equipped when you are ready to try. Throughout my process of trying, I discovered some great products that aided in the process of hopefully getting those two little lines on my next pregnancy test. 

  1. Get the app trackers – Many apps offer a free basic membership to track your cycle, days you tried, and ovulation days. Some apps offer membership to get more insights into your cycle, but I never purchased them. Some of my favorite apps are – Glow, Ovia, and Flo. I actually had all 3 on my phone so I could compare when my cycles would start and ovulation days. 
  2. Ovulation & Pregnancy sticks in bulk – I got a huge box of them off of Amazon. I quickly realized that tests to detect the LH hormone or Pregnancy tests could be really costly when you bought them at the store and only had so many to use. Buying them in bulk helped greatly. Realistically, you should take one every morning. I would get it prepared the night before with my cup and stick, once peeing on it, I would tape it on a piece of paper and date it. When you are ovulating, it should be a dark second line, and tapping them next to one another helps to see which one is darker. 
  3. BBT Thermometer – You don’t need anything too fancy, just get one from Target for $7.99. This wasn’t my favorite method to track ovulation, but I would just stick it right by my bed, and as soon as my alarm went off in the morning, I would stick it in my mouth and then record it down in one of my tracker apps. 
  4. The right lubricant – Um wow, I can’t believe I typed lubricant, but this one is important! It is not safe to use other lubricants when TTCing other than Preseed. Taken word-for-word from them – “to match fertile cervical mucus in pH.” So there you have it, get it and try it and enjoy it. 
  5. Vitex Berry vitamins – This vitamin is definitely magical. It helps with fertility. Many people say it is the natural comparison to the prescription Clomid. I would take it once daily to help me ovulate and help increase my very low progesterone levels. 

I hope arming yourself with these five TTCing items it will help you feel a bit more empowered and in control of getting pregnant. Along with these items, I would do acupuncture every other week which helped me get pregnant.  I am sending you all the baby dust and TTC magic along the way. 

DISCLAIMER – I am not a medical professional and highly recommend consulting a medical professional before starting your TTC journey. 

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