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The Holiday Shuffle

I have a confession, although I love the holidays and seeing how my kids light up during this season. I also dread this season. The pull of family members, friends and work events is so real during this time in my life. I have multiple sets of parents, many in-laws and of course my own traditions to keep in tow so each season is a balancing act. The struggle to please family members and make it work is hard and usually leads to a packed holiday season. If I’m even more real this time also time brings up fact that I am not close to all of my family. My life is not a hallmark card and this is hard at times. The combination of balancing between different events and with movies and TV shows about perfect families is rough. 

Not all of this is bad, of course it’s great to see family and friends, and celebrate together. But it is not okay to neglect peace and calm during this season. To value family time and down time during this season. To value having time to appreciate what is real and good during this holiday season. 

This year my family is making a goal to prioritize our family before our extended families’ needs. To focus on enjoying the season instead getting caught in the holiday shuffle. To take the time we need to slow down even if that means we will upset the balance of the holiday shuffle. 

As I grow older I am realizing the need to prioritize my needs and my families needs before others. If my well is dry I cannot pour into my family and others. The same is true for my families well and it is time that we learn this balance. The people in our lives should understand this need to balance but even if they do not it does not make this need less important.

Feel free to join in our goal of shuffling our personal families needs before the onslaught of the holidays begins! Let’s enjoy this holiday season. Let’s slow down and take time to enjoy each day with family even if that means missing out on an event or two. Or upsetting the balance. 

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