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The Girl Code

As the years pass, life changes us. We go from young single twenty somethings into our thirties and forties and then…well, you get the picture. As we age like the fine wines we are, we learn great lessons, lose some friends, make new ones and become mommas. Although change is inevitable and we must adapt, there are a handful of things that always remain constant.

The Girl Code | East Valley Moms BlogThe Girl Code

Call it the girl code. Call it a lady pact. Call it what you want, yeah, call it what you want to. (Hey, that TSwift song is catchy, ya know?!) The world out there is tough, confusing and oh so judgy. Us ladies have to stick together through it all. Here are my top three rules of the girl code.

Rule number one of the girl code: Be kind. Enough of this mean girls crap. Yeah, the movie is a classic, but I sure as heck don’t want anyone to treat me like that. No matter where you are, who you’re with or what you’re doing, treat other women with kindness. You never know what someone else is going through and a smile and sweet gesture might just change the outlook of their whole day. Kind is the new cool.

Rule number two: Never leave a home girl unassisted. How many of us have been witness to a woman who has been ditched by her friends at the bar, a game, or social event? I have too many times. And to make matters worse, sometimes women are left alone when they’re in a more vulnerable state. In this day and age, ‘no’ doesn’t always translate to ‘no’ and no woman should have to feel like a fish swimming in a pool of sharks. Call her a cab, sit with her until a friend comes, do whatever to make sure she doesn’t wake up in the morning feeling completely alone and helpless.

Rule number three: This one goes out to all my ladies AND fellas. Do not hurt her…emotionally, physically or mentally. You hurt my friend and I will come for you. Don’t underestimate my size or polite demeanor. I’m not saying I’m coming to throw punches, but you will feel my wrath. Nothing hurts me more than seeing one of my friends hurt. You don’t have to sit and watch as she puts herself back together from the pain you’ve caused her. But I do. Words and actions have consequences. I will put you on my radar and you better believe I will call you on your business. You may think you’ve pulled one over on her but I will never forget.

There may be a few more rules and guidelines to toss in the girl code, but for me, these three are staples in my life. Be kind, help those in need and don’t hurt others. My girlfriends are my sounding board, the family I am able to choose and the ones who love me for me. My girls mean everything to me.

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