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Fear of Missing Out | The FOMO Struggle is Real

One problem: I have a major case of FOMO.


It’s Saturday night as I write this. My kids are asleep, my husband’s working and I’m sitting on the couch watching “Bridesmaids” as I type.

I had soooooooooo many things I wanted to do this weekend. But having a kiddo who’s been sick most of the week and a trip planned next week, it seemed like a good idea to stay close to home, get rest and get organized.

There’s just one problem: I have a major case of FOMO. (If you don’t know, this is the fear of missing out.)

I have had this problem since I was in high school. I remember getting into fights with my parents when they didn’t want me to go out with my friends. I said it was painful to sit at home with my family doing nothing but watch TV when I knew other people were out having fun. (Yes, I was dramatic. Yes, I fear my kids’ teenage years.)

I think social media makes it worse. Once upon a time you could just not go to something. You might hear about it after, you might not. But now, you can see all the fun everyone is having anytime you look at your phone.

I have a tendency to mark “Interested” on every Facebook event that sounds vaguely appealing. I get alerts and updates before, during and after events. For the remaining three weeks of October, I am “Interested” in nine events. NINE! That’s three per week, not counting things like work, school events, soccer practice, tumbling, gatherings with friends, etc. There is no way I’m going to all of those! But I’m just not ready to admit that to myself yet.

Today, I can scroll through my Instagram and see pics of all the things I was planning to attend but didn’t – First Friday, the Farmer’s Market, Pinners Conference, a LuLaRoe Party, a Pumpkin Carving Party.

It’s hard to know I missed seeing cool stuff and hanging out with friends and learning to do hand-lettering, string art or braid my hair.

But here’s the thing.

Skipping all that stuff meant I was snuggling my baby when she woke up four times last night coughing and wanting her momma. It means we got a lot of family time in today. It means I was able to spend the afternoon running errands and doing laundry to prepare for a fun time next week. It means our little family was able to sit at the dinner table together tonight. (It also means I probably saved quite a bit of money.)

Events have their place, of course. I love getting out – as a family, as a couple, with my friends, and also just for solo time. But it’s important to know when to slow down, take a step back, and focus on the bigger picture. An unscheduled weekend close to home is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

Logically, I know I made the right decision. As a mom, I know it was the responsible thing to do.  I know I can’t do everything. But the FOMO struggle is real. And, during this time of year in Arizona, it’s pretty much constant.


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