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The Best Birthday Gift Ever! The Brett Saks Foundation | Sponsored Post

A few months ago, in June, I was driving along Chandler Heights Road on my way to pick up my kids from a visit with their grandparents. I was had just finished a call with some of the executive board members of the Brett Saks Foundation (BSF). We had decided there would be no 2013 Brett Saks Safety Festival. The reasons were smart and many, but mainly because we’d been concentrating on expanding support for BSF from the cycling and safety communities in Phoenix and possibly partnering with an event during the next Bike Month in April. All of our resources as a young nonprofit were going to “framing the house before we put the roof on,” to use a building analogy.

Moments later, I received a phone call. Talk about timing — it was my birthday! A local business owner who participated in the 2012 BSF event, called to invite me to be part of a “huge” health and wellness event in Chandler on October 26th. Now the owner of Koupons 4 Kids and Everything KidsFest and partnered with Shape Up US, she thought that BSF would be a perfect fit to get families excited about cycling, safety and health. I couldn’t believe my ears. I pulled the car over and thanked her for the best birthday gift ever! My dream of spreading the word about bike safety in my husband Brett’s memory would continue on and much sooner than expected!

So, with renewed enthusiasm and great pride, I am honored to invite you to “Bike Land” hosted by BSF at the 7th Annual Chandler Mayor’s Day of Play presented by Banner Children’s at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler on October 26th from 9am-1pm! The event, which will focus on health and safety, is meant to teach kids that these topics can be learned in a fun and exciting way.

There will be a bike rodeo where kids can practice safe cycling skills as well as the Fit Kids Fun Ride, a fundraiser for our Jr. Cyclist Program. REI will also be there with an outdoor classroom set up for learning and fun and Kajukenbo AZ will discuss safety for kids on and off their bikes. And the kicker is that Banner will be handing out 500 FREE Bicycle Helmets to kids who participate in the safety activities and get their Passports stamped!

Mainly, it will be an opportunity to introduce a lot of folks to our foundation and to our great sponsors while having some GREAT fun! To learn more about BSF and Bike Land at the Chandler Mayor’s Day of Play, please visit We’d love your support and appreciate your participation in my birthday present!

Kim Saks is the founder of the Brett Saks Foundation, a 2nd Grade teacher at Ryan Elementary in Chandler and most importantly, a dedicated mom to children Aaron and Ana. Her husband Dr. Brett Saks, was a chiropractor, avid cyclist and guitar player who was killed by an impaired driver in 2008 while training for a 600-mile charity ride on  Highway 87. To celebrate Brett’s life and giving spirit, Kim Saks founded the Brett Saks Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization in 2011. The Brett Saks Foundation fulfills Brett’s dream of supporting programs that help disabled  cyclists, but also seeks to be sure that cycling accidents such as his  become a thing of the past by educating our communities about bike  safety and awareness. As the mission of BSF has evolved, mainly due to Kim’s talent as an  elementary school teacher and her belief that changes start in large  part by educating the young, the organization is developing a Brett Saks Foundation Junior Cyclist Program. Its secondary goals are to encourage the cycling public (especially  kids) to be good stewards of the environment and health conscious  through cycling.
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