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Thanksgiving: The forgotten Holiday

Halloween has passed and all of our children have probably rotted out their teeth with all the goodies they received trick or treating. Some people may tell you that it’s time to start “decking the halls” in anticipation of reindeer, Santa, and sugar plums.
Nay. I say. Nay.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Christmas just as much as Buddy the Elf.
Christmas is magical. What other time of the year is it ok to wear obnoxious light up sweaters, have a tree inside your house, and bake as many cookies as your heart desires? I love the traditions, the reverence and the time making memories with my own children, but there is another holiday that totally gets forgotten between Halloween and Christmas.

I’m talking about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is everything that Christmas is, minus all the work.
And it just gets forgotten. In the anticipation of the Christmas season, we try to start it the day after Halloween.

Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Holiday | East Valley Moms Blog

This is just wrong. Everyone knows deep down, it’s wrong. It’s too early, especially in Arizona. The air is barely even chilly, much less frightful. I love Thanksgiving so much because it’s a time to really be thankful for the people around you and the blessings you have. There is nothing materialistic about Thanksgiving and its truly just about family, friends and food. It’s purely simple and to the point. It should get more credit as a holiday.

So, I ask you this year, to allow Christmas to start the day after Thanksgiving, or if you’re like me and want to get in a early jump, you can say it begins once Santa arrives at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Pack the tinsel away folks, and give Thanksgiving it’s due.

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