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Teenage Lingo 101

As someone who works all day with teenagers and tries SO hard to get to know all 200 on a personal level to connect their education to their real life. I’ve realized that I am totally lame, and totally okay with it. However, I’ve also realized that teenagers are speaking in lingo we don’t understand is sometimes done on purpose. There are so many things they say that adults ignore because it is “harmless”, however it could lead to dangerous conversation and antics.

So I’ve decided to put all the lingo and definitions I know, and hear frequently in the hallways to good use. Adults can use this info to connect with their teens and seem “hip” or more easily relate-able. You can use this lingo to embarrass or have fun of your teenagers, or even to start conversations. Some of this lingo you can use to keep tabs on teenagers you may worry about. However you want to use it- go for it! Here is what I’ve learned:

Teenage Lingo 101

Bet: this is used when you are in agreement with something, or confirming a plan.

Fam: is used to describe your best friends, not your actual family.

GOAT: Acronym for “Greatest of all Time” but not used as an acronym but rather a word in conversation.

Shade: usually being “thrown”. You’ll hear that someone is “throwin’ shade” which is similar to when we used to say someone is being shady. To throw shade basically means you are making a rude remark about someone else.

Ship: Is short for relationship, and means that those two people should be together.

Sis: This one took me a while to process. Like most adults, I thought this was a term of endearment like she is my sis. However, it actually means there is a whole lot of drama or a long story with gossip ahead. If teenager A asks what happen at the dance, teenager B will simply respond with “sis” meaning a lot of drama unfolded and it is a long story they will share later.

Stan: a super-obsessed fan

Sus: Is a suspect or someone who shouldn’t be trusted.

Tea: There are 3 very odd ways teenagers use the word “tea” basically you can “sip your tea”, you can be “spilling tea” or you can be “having tea”. “Sip your tea” means you are minding your own business and staying out of whatever gossip is happening. “Spilling Tea” means you are sharing gossip that you have. “Having Tea” means you have some gossip that you’re about to share.

Thirsty: Unfortunately does not mean they are lacking in hydration but rather describes being “desperate” or trying to get attention.

VSCO: VSCO is a term usually used as VSCO Girl, pronounced Vis-co. Which a term for girls who fit a certain atheistic or lifestyle. Usually when someone is wearing Birkenstock, using a hydro flask, wearing scrunchies, leggings with oversized shirts or things of that nature they are termed a “VSCO GIRL”.

Side note: There are two terms within the VSCO that need to be shared sksksksk which is normally a keyboard thing, can also be a word used which can mean laughter, awkwardness, or even something similar to “OMG” or “I can’t even”. It has many uses, and can be quite annoying when used out-loud. The other is and I oop which is viral phrase used to describe embarrassment, express shock, surprise, or embarrassment.

Weak: when something is so funny or hilarious they will say “I’m weak”

9: Is something new, that means an adult, or more specifically a parent is watching. If you hear or see 9, be on alert.

There are a lot more that are more specific to text or snap-chat that are acronyms for dangerous things/behaviors. If you want to keep teens safe in an internet frenzy day and age, I highly suggest educating yourself on the lingo!

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