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Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Teachers provide a vital service to our children and communities, and they definitely deserve our admiration and appreciation.  At the end of the school year, parents and students often give gifts to teachers to thank them for all they’ve done.  Deciding what to give may be a struggle; even though teachers see our children every day, it’s not like we really know them personally.  But, choosing a gift doesn’t have to be complicated.



Here are some simple gift ideas for teachers:

  • Thank you card/letter – A note of appreciation from you and your child can mean a lot.  Involve your child in the process – little ones can tell the parent what to write, draw a picture, or decorate it with stickers.  Older children can write the letter themselves.
  • Gift cards – Our teachers spend so much of their own money on their students, so it’s great to give them an opportunity to buy something for themselves.  Beyond Starbucks and Target, there are several other types of gift cards to choose from – movies, dining, nail salons, and more!
  • Arts & crafts – For those who are great at making crafts, a search for “teacher appreciation” on Pinterest will provide many ideas of things to create.  Please keep in mind that the gift should be useful as well as cute.
  • Blanket/throw – Some classrooms can get a little chilly, and a light blanket would come in handy.    


When choosing a teacher appreciation gift, these options may not be ideal:

  • Clutter builders – Think about the number of coffee mugs, books, journals, etc. that may be collecting dust in your home.  A gift that someone won’t use or takes up additional space doesn’t provide much of a benefit.  FYI – if you are going to buy a mug or water bottle, stick to high end or specialty items (ex: insulated, non-spilling, travel, personalized).
  • Food products (especially homemade) – Even though your peanut butter oat squares are a family favorite, your child’s teacher may not be a fan.  Besides, not everyone likes to eat things prepared by someone they don’t know.  Most importantly, you don’t want to trigger any food allergies or ruin your teacher’s diet.  If you really must give food, obtain as much information as you can and purchase it from the store.  
  • Perfumes and cosmetics – We all have our personal favorite colors, scents and brands, so it’s difficult to choose the perfect item.  Allergies are also a consideration, so you may want to pass on these types of gifts.

I’m sure you’ll agree that teachers should be appreciated every day, and not just at the end of the school year.  Let’s make the effort to give our teachers a special token of our esteem.  The gift doesn’t have to be expensive – just from the heart.

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