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Kids Can Veto My Social Media EVMB Kristen Carter November

My Kids Can Veto My Social Media

Pretty early on in this parenting gig, I realized that I needed to ask my child’s permission to do things. First, it was rhetorical, like, “Can I shower now before you wake up?” (obviously I didn’t expect her to answer at 2.5 weeks old), but then as she grew, I learned to get her approval/give […]

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My 30 Day social media detox

My 30 Day Social Media Detox

Facebook makes me a bad mom. Okay, that’s not true; but it does make me a distracted one. “Mommy! Come and see what I drew!” My three year old runs into the kitchen while I’m making lunch. I stop preparing the food and instinctively grab my phone to go in the other room. Buzz. A […]

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Snapchat, it’s for moms too!!

Being a mom in my mid-thirties I’ve had the luxury of experiencing the social media evolution. I was a user of Napster, and Myspace and I always thought it was “the cool thing to do” and was always deemed the “friend that got me hooked” . Now that almost everyone, including my Grandma is on […]

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facebook birthday posts

Baby Social Media Etiquette

I have a few personal rules about life: Always return your shopping cart. Don’t make microwave popcorn at the office. Never announce anyone else’s news on social media without their permission. Today, I’d like to talk a bit about No. 3. I have seen many well-intended friends share someone else’s news before they had a chance to […]

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EVMB_AngelaJones Social Media

Social Media, You and I are Quitting Each Other

I’ve had it with social media lately.  Correction, I’ve had it with the current state of social medial lately.  I work in Public Relations and Marketing, and I love social media.  I love being able to tweet companies to tell them I love their products.  And I especially love it when they respond.  I love […]

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