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Pumpkin in Reno when we skipped school for a family wedding. My kids will most likely never have perfect attendance. And that's OK.

Imperfect attendance and why it’s OK

Whenever I’m at a school awards assembly and they announce the perfect attendance awards, I cringe. I know chronic absenteeism is a real problem and the underlying causes need to be addressed. That isn’t what I’m talking about.  My kids will never be the ones recognized at the end of the year for never missing a day […]

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10 Tips to Help Get Homework Done

10 Tips To Help Get Homework Done.

Are you tired of the homework struggles? Do your kiddos have a hard time doing homework? Do they flat out refuse to do them? Here are my top 10 tips for to help get homework done. Do homework right away. Training our kids to do homework as soon as they get home was our main goal as […]

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