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Virtual Dare

By the end of April when we were on lockdown for what felt like 8000 days, a lot of my social media friends had to have thought I lost my mind. First, on Monday they scroll up on me with overdone lips expressing my inspiration for the Kardasians, I might need to add that is […]

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5 Tips for Creating and Cultivating Rich Friendships

If you’re feeling lonely and finding it difficult to form and sustain rich friendships, you’re not alone. I don’t say this because Coronavirus forced us all into isolation these past few months, although that didn’t help the issue. I say it because even before COVID-19 brought the words “social distancing” into our vocabulary, this is […]

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Danielle S. - May 2020

Say Yes

We got a puppy this weekend. We now have three golden retrievers. Yes, you read that right. THREE. I also have three kids, two cats, and a husband that some days might as well be a fourth child. Our house is busy. It’s loud. It’s chaotic. Neighborhood kids are always showing up to play. Two […]

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Ashley L. - April 2020

To the Mom in Target, I See You

One of my favorite pastimes is strolling up and down the aisles of Target at 8:45 on a Saturday morning, Starbucks in hand. I smile ear-to-ear because I thoroughly enjoy my early morning strolls through Target with coffee, just me and the kids.  Occasionally, I get the rude, unforgiving stares of strangers. Whether it is […]

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