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Smiling Face: It's national Smile Week | East Valley Moms Blog

Happy Girls are the Prettiest

Have you ever gone an entire day without seeing a single person smile? Have you ever gone an entire day when everyone you saw was smiling? On which day did you feel more positive?  I’ve quietly struggled most of my life with self-confidence, not as bad as some, but enough that I’ve stopped myself from […]

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The Kindergarten Decision | East Valley Moms Blog

The Kindergarten Decision

Redshirting The term “redshirting” used to be applied to high school and college athletes.  The “red shirts” were the ones needing to gain more experience before joining the varsity team. Now, more commonly, moms of preschoolers are using it for their children. When my oldest, Asher was born, I knew that about 5 years later […]

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Back to school lunch post it notes | East Valley Moms Blog

School Lunch Post It Notes!

School is back for fall!! Although it’s still over 100* outside here in AZ so can it really count as “fall” yet? Nevertheless, it’s that time of year again! We get back to schedules, routines, homework, school lunch prep, teacher meetings, etc. Oh the glamorous life of a parent, amIright?? But is anyone else a […]

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