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6 Steps to Stress-Free School Lunches

6 steps to stress-free school lunches

Back to school means schedule changes, early mornings, organizing pick-ups and drop-offs. But also on that list comes packing school lunches, every day or most days. With a little planning and preparation on weekends you can de-stress this task and make mornings more manageable. Here are my tips!   Plan Ahead: Set a menu for […]

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Summer Car Kit - How to put together a summer car kit

Summer Car Kit

It’s only the second week of May but here in Arizona summer is here to stay. For us that means our days are full of splash pads, city pools, picnics in the shade, BBQs and pretty much bouncing around town all day. Inevitably I end up out of the house wishing I had this or […]

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Balancing Act

The Balancing Act of Being Mom

Balancing work and family can be a tricky task. Trying to do everything can sometimes have moms and dads spinning in circles, tiring themselves out.  Showering, commuting, getting the kids off to daycare or school, keeping your eyes open while at work and then home again to cook dinner, do laundry, spend quality time with […]

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EVMB Eating Dinner as a Family

3 Reason To Eat Dinner As A Family

Eating dinner together as a family is a tradition that I started when my girls were born. It’s a tradition that I hope they carry on with their families. It’s a tradition that can bring a family together when nothing else seems to be going right with the world. Eating together as a family has so much power. […]

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easter photo final

Easter Basket 101

Often when we think of Easter we think jelly beans, over-sized chocolate Easter bunnies, sugary marshmallows, and those milk chocolate candy covered mini eggs. But as a mom and a dietitian I am challenging you this year to work on making your Easter baskets filled with less candy and more goodies…re-read that…less candy and more goodies…so […]

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