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Melanie P. - March 2020

Crafty Kids

I grew up in a very “crafty” household. My mom has an art degree and always encouraged our creative sides in many ways. She never met a “mistake” that she couldn’t turn into something unexpectedly beautiful. My sisters and I always had the best projects and book reports in the class with her help. We […]

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5 Ways to Simplify Your Life | East Valley Moms Blog

5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Over the years, especially now with two young kids, I’ve really taken time to try and simplify my life. Shortly after I got married in 2014 I stumbled across a Marie Kondo book and got to work. After I got my actual home in order, I began to find ways to make our day to […]

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Magical Unicorn Costume | East Valley Moms Blog

Make it Monday | Magical Unicorn Costumes

Keep calm and Unicorn! What I love about the “fall” weather here is that we can actually celebrate Halloween. Growing up in Oregon the only thing scary about Halloween was it always rained! Thus my costume would be covered up by a rain jacket or an umbrella while I was trick or treating. Halloween is […]

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