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Summer Jamz for the Cool Mom

Few things in life are not made better by music. Kids screaming in the car? Turn up the Post Malone. Homework meltdowns? Nothing some DMB can’t resolve. Summer boredom bringing everyone to their edge? Insert the perfect summer jamz playlist! 

Ultimate Summer Jamz Playlist for the Cool Mom | East Valley Moms Blog

There is a little something for everyone on this seasonal soundtrack – Country, EDM, Alernative, a few great throwbacks. Some songs just ooze summer fun (Summer Girls by LFO anyone?) and others’ relevance to summer are more interpretive (You Drive Me Crazy and Sweet but Psycho may have been lovingly inspired by my children after a long day…)

Turn it up.

Play it loud.

Dance party optional but highly encouraged. 

Summer Jamz Playlist

Cool Mom Jamz for Summer

A playlist featuring Justin Timberlake, Alice Cooper, Calvin Harris, and others


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