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We made it to summer break!

We made it to Summer Break | East Valley Moms BlogOh kindergarten, we made it through! How nervous I was the first day of kindergarten I am not talking about myself; well I am. This year my first born went to kindergarten. We made it through. Yes, we! Summer break has started and now I have a first grader!

Who decided to let kids grow up!? Now I decide how to keep them; I have two, one not in kindergarten yet, the other just finished. Keeping them busy so they don’t get bored for the summer.

I kind of felt like the outcast, the first few months of kindergarten were rough. Wait, did I just admit to months!? Yes, months. It was a rough start. Every single day I worried, if he was doing OK, or if he was full at lunch, and if he was making friends. The list of worries grew and multiplied. It was ‘only’ kindergarten as I was reminded by most.

Kindergarten days were long, I couldn’t wait until the end of the day to see his face come out of his class and smile! I could not even think about not being there for pick up. I offered other parents to grab their kids for them and walk them out so they didn’t have to unload siblings, and was always offered this in return, but declined. How could I not be there to see his face at pick up?

So here is the outcast feeling, I wanted to always be there for pick up. I now am asked about what summer camps we are signed up for during break. Summer camps? What? Am I  not suppose to spend time with my kids while they are out of school? Working parents, this is what they need to do so they can also work while they know the kids are in safe hands. As a stay at home mom, and I need to spend that time with my kids, right!? I understand summer camps are to enrich the learning in different aspects, but I can’t be the only one not sending my kid to summer camps!

I missed that little kindergartner during the school days so I am going to soak up my summer with him and his brother. Our summer break is swimming lessons, playing at home and two trips. First trip is San Diego, the boys love San Diego and being on the beach. They both think we can pack our stuff and move by the ocean! Then off to see grandparents in Indiana! We have fun activities planned in Indiana and to see family that we don’t see but once a year!!

Not that no one wants to spend time with their kids, but I can’t wait to soak up the summer break with my kids!!! They grow so quick and all I will have now is summer breaks so soak up the time with both kids!

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