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Spring “Resolution Redo”


Spring has sprung and with it comes new beginnings! I almost feel like it’s an official time for resolution redo from January in case you’ve fallen off the wagon. Which, let’s 


be honest, a few of us don’t just fall off but we completely burn it to the ground.

Spring Resolution Redo | East Valley Moms Blog

I love a good goal setting system. Lists are kind of like my third arm in my life. I own so many planners, notebooks, etc to write goals, it borderlines dangerous and lethal. However, my goal setting system is remarkably laid back and absolutely fluid. And for those that know me personally, it’s hilarious. I’m usually overly organized, lists everywhere and checking things off is always a pleasure for me.

I never make real resolutions. *gasp* Even the word “resolutions” sounds so ominous and a bit daunting. I discovered that, for myself, resolutions just make me sad because I can never keep them – oops! And I definitely prefer being happy over sad!

So what do I do? I make goals, not resolutions, that don’t put a ton of pressure on me.
• eat the food that makes me feel good
• visit Disneyland whenever possible (no really, this is a thing in my family, Disneyland is our literal happy place)
• write when I feel the need to do my own version of therapy
• color more often
• create new things whether in craft or digital form
• do things that make me happy (makeup, silly things with my kids, dying my hair fun colors)
• listen to music that makes me happy
• write in a journal whenever possible even if it’s just a few lines
• read a good book while listening to Enya
• sit in my room alone and listen to my zen music when I feel overwhelmed

In my life, these type of goals work because they don’t have to only happen/start at the beginning of the year! What if halfway through 2018 I realize that coloring doesn’t really do it for my sanity anymore? I figure out something else and adjust accordingly, then I don’t feel guilty for “breaking a resolution” for my year! It’s a win-win situation ☺

Does anyone else feel like Spring is a time for resolution redo? And what do you always do in the spring that’s different from the rest of your year?

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