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Spring Break in Southern Arizona


Southern Arizona is often forgotten about when decided on what vacations to take. Flagstaff has the forest we long for and small town with amenities too. Payson and the White Rim area have the gorgeous mountain backdrop, trails, camping spots and cabins. But what about Southern Arizona, what is it’s charm? Let me tell you!

When planning our Southern Arizona spring break trip we decided to go the Airbnb route with family friend’s of ours. We stayed in between Bisbee and Tombstone the two cities we wanted to visit on this trip. Man we were able to get a huge house for a very reasonable cost! At this house we had a game room, the kids (all 5 of them) were able to have their own spaces. And at night we were able to play games as adults. This alone was worth it, a great retreat from the busyness of life. 


In Bisbee we went on the Queen Mine Tour which takes you on a journey through the Queen Mine in Bisbee. Copper was discovered soon after Bisbee was founded in the 1870’s and of the backbones of Bisbee’s history. This tour gives takes you deep into the mine and explains the history of the town while still keeping the little ones entertained. They all put on little hard hats, a jacket and a flashlight on a lanyard (that alone kept the kids busy). To get into the mine you take a little train down into through the mine tunnels. Once we were in the the mine and the tour guide was talking the kids were able to sit and play with the surrounding rocks if they got squirrely. At this time we had less than 2 year old, 4 year old and 5 year old so it was very kid friendly. 

Downtown Bisbee also has great local shops and restaurants. They had a great mix of coffee shops, walk up and order, and nice sit down restaurants.  Our friend’s celebrated their anniversary at a nice local restaurant one night and enjoyed it. It was so fun to explore these shops with the family. Find out more about what fun places to explore in Bisbee here.


Tombstone was our next stop, this was a great iconic day trip. When you think of the old west this was it for sure! Dusty streets, wooden walkways, old saloons, and a wild west town showdown. They had cowboys walking around and horse drawn carriages walking down the dirt roads. In Tombstone there are a number of activities to do. There were many show-down type shows to see, old shops to explore in and of course saloons to eat at. The kids loved going on a horse drawn carriage ride around the town which also gave a history of Tombstone. They also enjoyed one of the showdown type gun shows. The show had a good mix of humor and acting to make it fun for all. Find out more about what Tombstone has to offer here. This was a great experience for all! The kids had a healthy mix of watching and exploring. It gave of the historic west feel that you think of when you think of Arizona and it’s history. It told the history of the Wild West. 

Overall discovering Southern Arizona is a healthy mix of fun, history and relaxation. Now that I have experienced these towns and the feel of Southern Arizona I will definitely be back and want everyone else to get to experience it for themselves! 


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