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Social Media, You and I are Quitting Each Other

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I’ve had it with social media lately.  Correction, I’ve had it with the current state of social medial lately.  I work in Public Relations and Marketing, and I love social media.  I love being able to tweet companies to tell them I love their products.  And I especially love it when they respond.  I love reconnecting with long, lost friends on Facebook and I wish dearly that many of these people were still in my daily life.  If the only way far away friends and family can be a part of my day is via my Newsfeed, I’ll take it.

I love looking at photos on Instagram {seriously, if you don’t follow National Geographic, you should.  The photos are absolutely stunning!}  I even love Google+ {it’s like Facebook and Twitter rolled into one.}  But lately I’ve been feeling “blah” and it’s not so much Twitter and Google+, but Facebook and Instagram.

I’m feeling “blah” because Facebook and Instagram have become a great, big lie.  They have created a selfie-obsessed, narcissistic world where the boundaries between real and fake are blurred.  So, while I sit here in my bra and cut-offs with a pumpkin papaya mask on my face, just know that as real as it is, I will not be posting a photo of myself, in this moment, on social media.

If I wanted to, there are plenty of apps available where I can erase said mask and make it appear as if I have a fully made up, air brushed face.  If the app isn’t good enough for you, there’s also such a thing as “selfie plastic surgery.”  Yes, if you don’t like your nose or the way your chin looks in your selfies, you can have it all fixed just so you can achieve the “perfect” selfie.

And it’s not just selfies.  Its perfect family photos, Facebook documentation of the perfect marriage, the “my social calendar is filled” life, and the over-sharing of your world class vacations.  Families aren’t perfect and neither are marriages.  If your social calendar is full, I hope your life is, too.  If you’re on an awesome vacation, by all means share your photos so others may live vicariously through you, but not so you can brag about where you are and what you’re doing {when you’re bragging we all know and it’s not attractive.}  I recently had a friend travel around the world for work and she shared it all on Facebook.  It was fantastic reading her posts and seeing her photos, and she wasn’t bragging at all, especially when a wasp landed in her beer can somewhere in Nepal and stung her lips.

We’ve all seen something on Facebook or Instagram that had made us feel “less than,” angry, or even left us in tears.  And we’re grown-ups!  Imagine what it’s like for kids who don’t have fully developed brains, or the coping skills to handle these emotions.  I’m scared for what our kids will go through as they grow up with social media.

Will it come full circle, and prove the selfie obsession is just a phase?  Who do we blame for this madness?  And while I admit I may have self-esteem issues, seeking approval from external sources is unhealthy, so let’s stop it.  Those willing to undergo the knife just for the perfect selfie?  Well that’s just sad.  I hope we come to a point where we accept each other for who we are, flaws and all.

So, Facebook and Instagram I’m quitting you {and by quitting, I mean deleting you from my phone and iPad.  Let’s be honest here.}  This girl needs a break to realize how awesome her life really is.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll do something productive with all my extra time.


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  1. Erica September 11, 2014 at 11:19 am #

    I loved this! I may be “quitting” both with you! 🙂

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