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Snapchat, it’s for moms too!!


Being a mom in my mid-thirties I’ve had the luxury of experiencing the social media evolution. I was a user of Napster, and Myspace and I always thought it was “the cool thing to do” and was always deemed the “friend that got me hooked” . Now that almost everyone, including my Grandma is on Facebook and Instagram I’ve of course found yet another platform and jumped on the Snapchat bandwagon. I have to admit, I’m addicted.

Who doesn’t love taking selfies? Pretty much every mom I know, takes selfies, (even if you don’t post them it still counts as a selfie). With Snapchat it’s like taking selfies to the next level. Filters that erase our wrinkles, give us pretty blue eyes and glowing skin, as well as puppy dog ears and allows us to see what we look like without a nose; that’s totally my favorite filter, btw. The best part? You can send the photo and it disappears! Well, as long as they don’t take a screen shot…f64aad6a-07cd-4cf3-8ece-f2ef314fe792_zpsutlcsekf

So… if you are like me and want to download it out of curiousity (I swear you’ll get addicted) here are some tips that I had to figure out on my own (or learn from my 20 year old coworkers)

Basic Snap Basics

You have two options when taking a snap; photo or 10 second video clip. Each of them has to be live time and posted immediately. There’s no taking photos and going in hours later to post. It’s either post or delete. There is no going in and editing the video, to pick the best parts. This just adds to the spontaneity of snapchat! It’s fun, raw and sometimes you catch some pretty hysterical comments from children. Once you have taken the photo or video there are several options prior to posting. You can:

  • Add text, emojis or even doodle on the photo or video
  • Choose from several filters based on location and add the current time, temperature or even speed you are traveling (when riding in the passenger seat of course, no snapping and driving allowed!) OR speed up the video and slow it down; this happens to be my five year old’s favorite!
  • Discover the hidden face filters. You’ve seen the photos of your friends with puppy dog ears, puking rainbows or the most flawless skin known, right? Those, my friends are the hidden face filters! There are so many of them and they change them often, they are seriously my favorite part. Who doesn’t like to see what they’d look like in forty years?
  • Choose how long the snap shows up, i.e. 1 second, 2, or even 8! Once you have selected this (in the lower left corner of the screen) you’ll choose who you are sending this masterpiece to. You have the option of sending to an individual friend so only they see it OR you can post to your story. If you send it to your friend, Snapchat deletes it immediately after they watch it (unless they use up their freebie and press “replay”). If you post to your story, anyone that follows you can view it and it’s viewable for 24 hours from the time it is posted. Pretty nifty huh?
  • View other Snap Stories. You can watch your friends’ stories and its like their own reality show sometimes. I have laughed more watching my mom-friends’ snap stories than I have watching a new episode of New Girl. Some popular news outlets and magazines have their own Snap Story with “news” that they post too. Some of the popular ones are ESPN, BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, and People. There are also Live Snaps for specific events such as The Preakness, the World Cup or the Oscars. Pretty neat to catch short video snaps and snaps directly from behind the scenes. In my opinion, it’s more entertaining than seeing it on the TV in a news segment!

1_zps5tqhlhovThese are just some of the most basic basics of Snapchat.  I love social media, not only because it’s a fun outlet but because I like to be in the “know” of what platforms my children are using. I’m sure that once I really have the hang of this one, they’ll be using something else because, “Who wants to use Snapchat, it’s for moms too.”

Are you on Snapchat? Snap me! I’d love to hear from you!! (Username: renegerbi) and follow EVMB on Snapchat under evmbaz!!





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