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Shoelaces are Evil

Shoelaces Are Evil

Well, the first week and a half of school is complete.  Kindergarten.  I survived – – I mean they survived.  We weathered our first homework assignments and managed to make it on time each and every day.  So far there have been no outbreaks of strep throat, pink eye or lice.  I’d say we are well on our way to a successful year.  The first week was not without it’s challenges though and I’d like to share a few nuggets of wisdom I learned this week.  Get out your pencil and some paper, cause these tips are worth their weight in gold – – especially if you tend to live on the hack-side of parenting, like me.

1. Lace-up tennis shoes.  What in the H-E-double hockey sticks was I thinking when purchasing the boys’ first pair of lace up tennis shoes?  I had a momentary lapse of sanity which has added an extra 10 minutes to our “getting dressed” routine in the morning.  Prior to the lace-up shoes purchase, my turkeys were very well adept at getting themselves completely ready in the mornings, shoes and all.  Not so much anymore.  Hack Mom Tip #1: Stay with the velcro as long as you can people!  Lace-up shoes are no joke, especially at 6:55 am.

2.Uniforms, underwear and socks.  We are in our 2nd year of uniforms and I was jumping for joy after our summer of agonizing wardrobe decisions which included about 4 t-shirts and 2 pairs of shorts – – between TWO kids.  None of which matched, by the way.  And by not matching, I mean lime green shorts and red shirts.  So school starts and I think to myself, “Wahoo!  No more fighting about clothing in the morning!”  Wrong.  Now we fight and argue about underwear and- – get this – – sock selection.  Both kids, inevitably want the same dang pair of underwear and socks each and every morning.  Hack Mom Tip #2:  Buy all the exact same underwear and socks.

3. Lunches.  Oh, lunch, you always get the best of me.  You always have.  See, my twin boys were born 12 weeks early and spent the first 71 days of their life in the NICU with each and every calorie being closely monitored and charted.  Each ounce gained or lost carefully noted.  Things didn’t change much after their release.  A home nurse visited everyday during their first week at home, in part to ensure they were gaining enough  weight.  As a result I have been mildly obsessed with their diets for the past five years.  Not so much about what they eat but how much they eat.  I am definitely that mom who will cook her kids 5 different things for dinner just so they will freaking eat!  I know, I know it is terrible.  Try telling that to my brain.  Anywho, where were we?  Oh, yes, lunch.  The night before they were to take their first school lunch, I – – regrettably – – asked them what they would like in their lunchbox.  After receiving the answer, I prepared and packed their lunch – – super proud for completing it the night before.  The following morning, as I was getting ready, the boys decided to check out their lunchboxes and promptly through a fit of epic proportions…Mommmmmmm, I don’t want turkey.  I only want cheese crackers.  I don’t like juice boxes or yogurt.  Mommmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Oh, good grief, you have got to be kidding me.  So what did I do?  I told them to get in the car while I fixed their lunches.  I put it all back in the boxes.  Hack-mom Tip #3: Do NOT ask your kids what they want for lunch the night before and hide the lunchbox in the back of the fridge until the second before departure.

So, my friends, those are the 3 things I learned during our first 2 weeks of kindergarten.  How about you?  Did your kiddos throw any wrenches into your well-laid plans?  We’d love to hear your funny stories in the comments!

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