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Self-Love September sponsored by Luxe Salon & Spa: Embracing the Imperfect You

We all have done it….the negative talk about our body, our poor eating habits, or our messy  home… need I go on? Stop it and accept that we aren’t perfect! It’s time to embrace the imperfect you!

I will be the first to admit that I, my family and my kids aren’t perfect. Nothing in my life is perfect and guess what? I am A-OK with that. The day I embraced this imperfect me was the day I felt genuinely happy. This acceptance of my imperfect lifestyle has weeded out a lot of “PERFECT” people in my life.

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How do you accept your imperfections?

*Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Those weaknesses have helped me realized what changes I need to do so I can be that much closer to being great. Confession… I’m unmotivated and lazy. I have tons of GREAT ideas but my lazy attitude has stopped my progress towards being great.  You are not alone at being unmotivated and lazy sometimes, now you know another person (me) that’s there with you. Let’s embrace this negative imperfection and see how we can turn it around to make it work for our benefit, but until then admitting it is the first step and don’t you feel better already?

*Know you are loved. Your kids, your spouse/partner in life, OHANA are the few ones that YOU choose to surround yourself with. You can trust them, can cry and laugh with them. You can be around them and never feel the pressure of being perfect because THEY know you better. They make you feel secure, safe and lastly will never let you talk negatively about yourself. So pick I my OHANA wisely.  It is filled with good, kind, loving, honest and funny imperfect people because I know that they will help me continue to grow as a person, as a mama, a wife, a sister, as a daughter and as a friend.

*Let go of perfection. I don’t ever want my kids to feel as though they have to be perfect all the time because they don’t have to. If I can share my love for myself  despite my imperfection (physically or mentally) with my kids then perhaps they will grow up knowing it’s ok to not be perfect and still love yourself. Sure it’s hard to admit my flaws to my kids but what’s harder is undoing years of self doubt and negative self image that they might pick up because I never owned my flaws.

So ladies, all you mamas out there and even you dads. Know your worth, love yourself enough to honor yourself by embracing your imperfections. You are unique, you are special and you’re not so perfect life is what made you who you are. Embrace it, learn from the past and live for today. Don’t worry or get anxious about tomorrow and just enjoy the ride. NO ONE and I MEAN NO ONE is perfect nor does anyone have a perfect life. YOU are not an exception so the sooner we let go and the sooner we embrace our imperfections the closer we can be to being happier. Be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, laugh at yourself, embrace and love ALL of your imperfections…

I hope you make it a great day!



East Valley Moms Blog “Self-Love September” Series will shed light on various topics of self-love and self-care. Our writing team will include personal stories of how we care for our bodies and spirits, as well as the importance of coming from a place of self-love when doing so. Thank you to Luxe Salon & Spa for sponsoring our series and helping Moms & Women of the East Valley look their best! 



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