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A Secret to Surviving Life as a Mom

You want a secret for surviving as a mom? Here it is: MOM FRIENDS

Whether your a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, a crunchy mom, or a straight out of microwave mom. It doesn’t matter- the secret to survival is mom friends. 

It used to drive me crazy to hear people talk about “mom friends” because I really didn’t understand why people made SUCH a big deal about having a “Mom’s Night Out”. I didn’t understand why people said “It takes a village” to raise a child. I really thought I could be a mom all on my own, be home with baby, and be perfectly happy.

See- I was the first of all my friends to get pregnant, and while I’ll admit- it was hard not having a friend who understood what I was going through- I knew I was ready to be a mom. A few weeks after my gorgeous daughter entered the world, there I was desperately searching for a “mom friend”. It all made sense now, I NEEDED someone who understood, because it’s unexplainable being a mom. Sure, you can talk to your own mom, but it’s been a long time since she went through these things. So I googled local mom groups, and things to do with baby in the East Valley. 

Slowly but Surely (because let’s face it, finding a good mom friend is like trying to find a husband all over again) I found a few wonderful women to share my time with. 

While I haven’t yet found my one true “mom friend”- you know- my “BEST mom friend”. I’m confident she will one day walk into my life, and for now, the few mom friends I have made- make the most INCREDIBLE difference in my day to day life. Having a person you can meet for coffee, lunch, or playdate- who understands why your child is throwing her food on floor while screaming and doesn’t judge you for it- is what makes life just a little easier. 

Having someone to call and say “Uhm, hey? My child needs to get out of this house ASAP before she destroys everything I own- Let’s hangout NOW” is the secret to motherhood. 

I now FULLY understand why it “Takes a village”. You can definielty be a rockstar awesome mom all on your own but it’ll all be better with your mom friends at your side. 

To my stay-at-home moms: DON’T “stay at home”- get out of the house, meet other mommas!

To my working moms: Take a “Mom’s Night Out” with other moms, I know you worked all day, but don’t always feel guilty about needing a night out. You work hard, take that ONE night!

To my crunchy moms: Find some crunchy friends and share the load! It is hard, hard work making healthy food 24/7 and getting out of the house too! Find some mom friends to make food with! 

To my throw-it-in-the-microave mommas! Load up your uncrustables, lunchables, and apple sauce pouches and meet up with your mom friends! 

To EVERY mom- Who cares if the woman next to you is giving her child a pacifier when you think she shouldn’t be? We all have to support each other. If she is struggling and needs an extra hand- give it. We can only survive motherhood one way: TOGETHER.A Secret to Surviving Life as a Mom | East Valley Moms Blog

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