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School Lunch Post It Notes!

Back to School Lunch Post it Notes for Kids | East Valley Moms Blog

School is back for fall!! Although it’s still over 100* outside here in AZ so can it really count as “fall” yet? Nevertheless, it’s that time of year again! We get back to schedules, routines, homework, school lunch prep, teacher meetings, etc. Oh the glamorous life of a parent, amIright?? But is anyone else a huge lover of school supply shopping?? It’s my favorite time of year second only to Christmas! Do yourself a favor and grab a few things of Post It sticky notes – you won’t regret it!

One thing that I want to include more of this year is notes to my daughter in her lunchbox. She’s starting 1st grade this year and reads really well so it’s time I stepped it up a bit! She would tell me about her friends that would get special notes in their lunches and sometimes I felt the guilt that I didn’t do that. I did other things like surprise her with cookies or a special sandwich but notes weren’t something I even thought of in the groggy mornings.

So I’m super excited to share these with you! My plan is to include these Post It Notes in her lunch box at least once a week, more if I feel like she needs a pick me up. These are very simple to do. let me tell you right now:

Back to School Lunch Post it Notes for Kids | East Valley Moms Blog Back to School Lunch Post it Notes for Kids | East Valley Moms Blog

PostitTemplate PostItSayings


  1. Print out the template.
  2. Attach sticky notes to the page.
  3. Re-insert the page into your printer so that what you print next goes on the Post Its
  4. Click “print” on the sayings page
  5. you’re all done!

It’s truly that easy! And what a super fun way to connect with your kids even though they’re at school and you aren’t. The sayings I did are very generic so of course you can design your own as well! Just make sure they don’t go any bigger than 3″ X 3″ (unless you have the big sticky notes).  “Good Luck” for a special reminder that you know they have a hard test today. “Miss you lots!” to remind them that you love them even when they’re not with you. Knock knock jokes are always a hit in cafeterias as well!

Of course a good old fashioned handwritten notes won’t go amiss either but these are fun for if you’re in a rush one morning and you want to leave something fun and special for them. If you do a fun one will you share and tag us? We want to see your #DIYPostItLunchNotes!

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