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Real Advice For First Time Moms

Real Advice For First Time Moms. The advice I wish someone gave me when I was pregnant with my first

With my son just turning one I have been feeling a little nostalgic lately. I find my mind drifting to those early moments as a new mom – holding him for the first time, coming home from the hospital, our first weeks getting to know each other…so many wonderful memories. Leading up to having my son I never felt unprepared or worried about taking on a new role as a mom. I knew there would be rocky periods, but I had faith we’d figure it all out along the way. Much to my surprise, that first week or so at home I found myself unprepared in a very big way. How you ask? Let me explain.

Real Advice For First Time Moms. The advice I wish someone gave me when I was pregnant with my first

When you are pregnant everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – feels it’s their job to give you advice/tips/warnings about this or that, and especially how your life will be after having a baby. I can’t even begin to count how many times people told me “You’ll never sleep again once the baby comes” or “Do xyz now, because you won’t get to once the baby arrives”. I’ll stop there because I can guarantee you’ve heard it all too, from your aunt Mae to the checkout lady at the grocery store – they all have their own advice for you as a mom-to-be. Well, their advice sucks. Let’s be real, does any woman actually think she will sleep like a log with a newborn? Or that she will be having mimosas at brunch with her besties every Sunday? Chances are she knows this baby will change her life and she doesn’t need anyone to tell her. And the rest of it? That’s what Google is for (you’d better believe I searched things like “how to know when to go up to the next size in diapers”).

Real Advice For First Time Moms. The advice I wish someone gave me when I was pregnant with my first

I found a big flaw in all the advice everyone offers up –  all most of it is negative. It’s like people want you to hate all the things that come along with being a parent. Where is all the good advice? No one told me that holding my son for the first time was going to make my heart feel so very full or that seeing my husband hold him was something I could sit and watch for hours. Not once did someone mention that I might not care about waking up every 2 hours to feed and hold my sweet baby boy or how wonderful it is to lay awake to watch him while he is fast asleep (along with everyone else in the house). I know every mom experiences things in a different way, but I want to share some of the things that have stayed with me in the past year.

To The Mom-To-Be:

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2 Responses to Real Advice For First Time Moms

  1. Rodi Vehr March 16, 2016 at 9:34 pm #

    Nicole – you nailed it. I hear those people say things to mamas to be and I think the same – it’s gonna rock! Looking at a being you and your hubby made has got to be an indescribable high and boy howdy on watching dads and their babies. You are one smart mama!

  2. Karen March 19, 2016 at 7:53 am #

    Your post was heartfelt and so very very true. It takes courage to be bold and be positive. Both times, when I was pregnant ( loved it – all ); and enjoying getting up alone in the wee hours of the morning with just my baby and me – when I expressed enjoying these times, I received so much negativity that I quit expressing my joy. Now, I know my comments were making others uncomfortable. I so wish I had been bolder like you! Keep letting your voice be heard.? You will be a special Mom like mine was, who tells her daughters she loves bringing babies into this world and loving them when they are here. Your daughters and daughters-in-laws especially will appreciate your positivity.

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