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Pregnancy with a Toddler in Tow


I am currently in my third trimester with our second baby – a girl! We have a three-year-old busy, active, crazy boy and I noticed right off the bat how different this pregnancy is with a kid than before when I was pregnant with my first.

1. It’s physically harder.

With a three-year-old to keep up with, I can no longer come home from work and take a nap or just relax for a bit. It’s go, go, go until his bedtime, and then go, go, go until I make it to bed. I am definitely noticing a toll on my back and I have to often force myself to just sit and relax!

2. I am less tired.

I remember being so beyond exhausted with my first pregnancy. I would literally take a nap almost every day after work. Now, having known what true exhaustion is through sleepless nights with an infant and early morning wake-up calls with a toddler, my body has adjusted. I still need a good eight hours of sleep to feel rested, but I can surprisingly push through otherwise.

3. It is going by faster.

With the first time around, it was all I had time to think about. I could tell you how far along I was down to the day. Now with another little person keeping me busy, the weeks fly by and I often find myself having to refer to my calendar to check what week I am.

4. I have less anxiety about what’s to come.

There is so much less anxiety involved having already gone through the birth, newborn phase, first year, and so on. While I know every birth and every baby are completely different, having a base to go off of is so much more reassuring than the first time around when I knew absolutely nothing about what to expect.

5. There is so much less stuff to purchase.

My registry includes lots of little items that I wish I had the first time around or a few things we are wanting to replace. Other than that, we are good to go! The crib, furniture, strollers, monitor, car seat and more have been dusted off and are waiting patiently for this baby girl’s arrival.

What did you notice was different about your pregnancy the second time around?

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